Thursday, 29 December 2011

A belated happy Christmas

Hello everyone and Happy Christmas.  Ok i'm 4 days late but i have been having some well deserved rest and relaxation with my family. Things during December have been so manic this year and i never expected my crafts to be as popular as they have been.  This of course is a really good thing but has meant up til Christmas Eve i have been working full time at my day job then coming home and working full time making up orders from my Folksy Shop, Facebook page and sales for friends and my unit at Botany Bay.  In between that trying to fit in family life and special moments like watching little Miss G in her Nativity play(Which she was awesome in). All this has meant i haven't had chance to stop and catch a breathe let alone do the other things i love like baking, catching up on everyone Else's blogs etc etc.  So i apologise if i have been absent from the world of blogging but i promise to be much more organised next year!.  Anyway here's a few pics of some of my recent makes and orders.

 Fred the sock devil was for a lady who's husband is an avid Man United fan and she wanted a devil made from socks.

 Memory box

 These decorations were for a lady who's whole tree is decorated with my makes.  How cool is that i am so flattered that she likes my crafts so much.


Monday, 5 December 2011

20 days to go.......

Ok can someone please tell me where the last 11 months have gone!! Suddenly it’s the 5th December and I’m not half as organised as I thought I was!!!.  So I thought it might be a good idea to write a plan/list. Now I am a woman of lists. I live by them so writing a Christmas list will be a walk in the park – when I get round to doing it!!.  I am going to make a real effort tonight (once I have finished my orders of 3 sock monkeys, 2 door hangers, 2 wooden hearts and a dad’s shed sign!) to get it done and I will post it on here tomorrow. For now though I’ll share some of my recent makes....
Bella and izzy the sock monkey's. If you want to make some and want a copy of the instructions i used drop me an e-mail to
 Bruce,Emily and susie again made from socks.
 This glasses case was made on request for a lady.
 This wooden tree decoration is for one of my neices. These are so easy to make. You can buy blank wooden shapes off ebay and then decorate them however you want with paint,glitter,ribbon, stickers. the options are endless and the result is usually effective.

 These wooden tree's are an order from my folksy shop
and this final one was an order from a friend from my Facebook page for her daughters teacher.