Thursday, 30 June 2011

Craft Fairs & this weeks projects

Last weekend i did a craft fair weekend at Backridge Farm in Clitheroe.  Its not a place i have visited before but a lovely lady on Folksy contacted me and asked if i wanted a stall as i don't live that far away.  If you live in the area and haven't visited Backridge Farm go and visit soon. Its a lovely place with some fab craft and gift stores and a lovely tea room boutique.  They have animals, play equipment and a really nice restaurant.  Anyway back to last weekend so i had a stall on the saturday and sunday and met some lovely stallholders.  A good time was had by all and the weather on sunday was glorious.  Here's a pic of my stall..

 All but one of my tissue holders were snapped up.  Better get making some more for my next one
 Both These owls sold and are now off to new homes!
 My scented candles in jars were very popular...

 MY large teapot is my favourite wooden item at the moment.  I just love it.  If you haven't tried making wooden keepsakes before give it a go they are really easy.  All you need are blank shapes,paint, gel pens and embellishments.  www.daisymoondesigns do some fab blanks (including the teapot) if you want to give it a whirl.  if you don't want to make some yourself i have loads for sale in my folksy shop 
 These wedding day keepsakes proved popular too.

My next craft fair is next weekend so i need to get crafting and candlemaking as my stock is low after a busy weekend !
Ladybird Ln

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Looking to the future

As most of you probably know I have been trading on Folksy since earlier this year and things have been going ok. My shop has all my crafty makes in which are mainly fabric and wooden items. I recently started making candles (which has been on my to do list for like forever!) and have decided to start selling those too after a request on my facebook page. Now here was my dilemma do I add them to my original scratchycat shop or start a new one separately?. From a promotional point of view it would make things easier and make more sense to add it to my existing shop as that is now well established. However never being one to take the easy option I have decided to start up a separate shop in which I will just stock my candles, tealights ,wax melts etc. I think this looks better and is a candle onestopshop so to speak. Here are a few items I have stocked so far…

  Yummy smelling baby powder melts and fresh linen scented melts.
 Honeysuckle melts
 delicious chocolate scented tealights
 Lavender scented tealights.

I have decided only to use natural products such a soy wax and esential oils so that they are good to the environment. If you get a minute would you pop over and take a peek at it as I would love any comments anyone might have…..

Saturday, 18 June 2011

A last minute Birthday Present

This week seems to have been one of those weeks.  I have been mad busy at work, mad busy with orders from my Folksy shop and mad busy making gifts for birthdays and Fathers Day. Tomorrow Lili is at her best friends birthday party after we have taken Mr G breakfast in bed.   I wanted to make her something nice to go with the present we have bought her so i made this...

 I used a new blank oval plaque that i bought from dasiymoon.  They stock some gorgeous wooden blanks.
 I also whipped up this car sign using a camper van wooden blank.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

First Fair of the year and some Fathers day makes

Yesterday I did my first fair of the year. It didn’t start off well as when I arrived I found that they were also holding a car boot sale on the same site as well as the Scarecrow Festival. Had I known that I wouldn’t have agreed to a stall as car boot sales don’t really attract the kind of customer that is willing to pay a fair price for handcrafted goods. Anyway I was told to set up my stall in the field next to Linda who is a lovely soap maker. When I asked about cover they said its ok if it starts to rain you can come under the marquee we are saving for the Mayor!!. Bear in mind the Mayor wasn’t attending till 3pm to announce some competition winners!. After a lot of messing about they finally let us use half of the marquee. In the end I did ok and sold quite a few items but we ended up packing up by 12pm as it was raining quite hard so all the carbooters had gone and with them the customers!. We also got a £10 refund for the stalls which I think was quite fair given we had paid £25 each and the car booters paid £6!!. Anyway here is a pic of my stall….

This Sunday is Fathers Day and last week I was really busy making Fathers Day related orders from my folksy shop and Facebook page. Here’s a few items that may give you some idea’s that you might want to try and make yourself and if not feel free to visit my Folksy shop.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Touching Base

Just i quick post tonight to touch base.  It has been such a busy week.  i have a craft fair on sunday and typically have had a really busy week with lots of orders to make up.  So far this week i have had 20 orders which don't get me wrong is fab but as i have a craft fair to do on sunday it is eating into my stock so i have spent most of the week trying to make up more stock.  Anyway here is a few of the things i have made to replenish my folksy shop stock.

 Meet Maisy the sock mon key.  If you want a copy of the instructions to make your owm just drop me an e-mail to

Monday, 6 June 2011

A couple of weeks ago I was approached by the lovely Cara who had spotted my online Folksy shop and liked my wooden keepsakes. She asked if I would be willing to offer a guest giveaway over on her blog where one person will win one of my personalised father day keepsakes. If you want to be in with a chance of winning it pop over to romansthreesixfive and have a peek around her lovely blog and enter the giveaway.  It ends this week so hurry hurry hurry!.

This weekend has been fairly manic (as most weekends tend to be in the Glover house!) It was my best friends birthday on Saturday and my nieces birthday on Sunday. Here’s one the things I made for my niece….

If you want to make your own sock cat visit my old post Here for the tutorial

Friday, 3 June 2011

Half term and a little bit of creativity.

This week is half term so i am off with Miss G.  We have all been to Edinburgh for a long weekend which was a lovely break (apart from the weather!).  Thanks to the lovely Pootle for idea's of what to do and local craft shops.  I didn't manage to sneak to any of the craft shops whilst we were there but i did get to Cath Kidston and buy some lovely fabric.  Because its been half term i haven't had much chance to craft so i only have a few projects to show and they are mainly makes for my Folksy and Facebook shops as i have sold another 8 items in the last few days...

 I bought this as a plain untreated wood frame and sanded it down painted it white and added chipboard embellishments and East of India ribbon and backing card.

 This Grandad frame was also bought as a blank canvas and i have white washed it and sanded it in parts to give a worn effect then added Grandad and mod podged of the letters to make them durable and added a layered chipboard embellishemnt and co-ordinating backing paper.

 I had a number of wooden sheep left over from Easter and spring projects so i thought they would make nice keepsakes for Fathers Day.
 And finally a mobile phone case made using cath kidston Stanley fabric.

Now i'm off out into the garden as its a gorgeous day and lili has a friend coming over.  Have a nice day everyday x

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