Sunday, 26 September 2010


Hello my dears well its crafty sunday again already and this week i have had little time to sew so not much to share!.   i did however manage to make this personalised crayon roll.  My auntie asked me to make one for her friends little girl as a present.  Its the first time i have tried any applique and i'm really pleased with the results. 

 Because she wanted to give it as a present i made a little matching bag to put it in...

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Trick or treat sweet bag

Today i have been trying to think of a cute way to give trick or treaters some sweets.  Normally i am completely disorganised and just dish out handfuls of haribo's.  I have seen so many nice halloween makes that i thought i would have a play around and this is what i came up with.
I cut out some orange felt and sewed black lines down it then gave it a green felt stalk and sewed it onto some black fabric which i then turned into a simple drawstring pouch.  i threaded some ribbon through and punched some orange card and stuck a bat sticker on.  I filled the pouch with lollies and sweets.  it only took me 5 minutes to make so think i will be able to make plenty of these before the kids coming knocking.....

These bags were simple to make using my sealer that seals plastic, some card and 3D stickers.  Again a 2 minute job and easy for anyone to whip up.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Latest Bag

Sorry i haven't been around for a while but life has been pretty busy over the last few weeks.  On sunday i did my First Farmers Market and was quite reluctant when i woke up to torrential rain storms!!.  Luckily i was in a marquee.  We did have one hairly moment when we thought the Marquee may take off in the wind but other than that the day went well.  I was amazed that people still turned out and were buying.  I managed to sell some handbags, pumps bags, crayon rolls, book marks, cards and completely sold out of scented hearts.  I was pleased as punch that people actually wanted to buy my items.  This weekend it is my aunties birthday and my mum has asked to make her a casual bag and a card.  I put in a zipped pocket inside for the first time.  It has a drawstring fastening.  i hope she likes it!.

I did two cards just in case.....

Thursday, 9 September 2010

A bit of faffing about

Recently i have been in a bit of a faffing mood where i can't decide what i want to make.  I keep fliting between making some cards a bit of sewing and generally just messing about!!.  Anyway i have eventually got round to trying out some beading for the first time.  Now all you Jewellery makers will be splitting your sides at my first attempt but its a start......

A couple of handbag charms.

I have also made a memory book for a newborn baby with a little fabric bag.  the memory book has 10 pages with lots of room for pictures and writing information.

Hopefully i will stop faffing around soon and start making things i actually need to like presents etc!!!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Lili's first day at school

Today was Lili's first day at school.  She has been at the pre-school for a year but started in reception class this morning.  She looked so cute in her little blazer and we were so proud of her when we left she just went off with the teacher smiling.  Bless her where has my little baby gone?

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Recent makes and an exciting weekend

Morning Lovies,

How are we all today?  Well i am very excited as its our wedding anniversary on Monday so we are going away for the weekend to Manchester.  By coincidence (or very sneaky planning by me!) the Stitch & Creative Craft show is on at the GMEX all weekend.  I have managed to strike a deal and am going to pop myself on a train there tomorrow morning spend the morning and early afternoon at the show then meet hubby at the hotel.  i have booked the day off and he is finishing early and coming straight to the hotel.  A big thanks to hubby's auntie L as she is coming to stay at ours for the weekend to have Lili.  Friday night we are booked in to a restaurant for a meal and then on Saturday we are back to the GMEX.  No I'm not that sad that i have to go 2 days on the run!!! there is a wine fair on in the other exhibition hall and we are going there with friends.  last year we went to the wine fair and that's how i found out the creative crafts show was on at the same time ( as i was forced to walk past the exhibition hall sulking and drooling!!).  Lets hope the weather stays nice. 

I won't be making anything this weekend (although i may sneak a sock monkey in whilst on the train!) so here's what i have made this week.  The picture at the top is a bag i have made using the buttercup tutorial and then altering it to make it bigger.  here is inside

If you want to make a buttercup bag by Rae the free tutorial is here

This buttercup bag i made to the same size as the pattern in Faux leather for my friend who wants a black going out bag.

I love the funky lining material which was some fabric passed onto me.

This is a oversized shopping tote that i made up.  my mum asked me to make it for my Auntie.  hope she likes it!