Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Christmas Countdown week 2

This weeks Christmas Countdown post is two easy peasy 5 minute projects that are great if you have little kiddo's. For the first one all you need is a plastic or old no longer needed key, some card or a wooden tag and some stickers and glitter. Put them together and you have a magic key to leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve. 

There are lots of thrift/ discount stores that sell Christmas Santa keys though most of the ones i have found look cheap and a bit ghastly.  You could use one of those and just pimp it up a bit with extra glitter and a tag to make it look nicer.  I found my plastic key on eBay then just added glue and glitter and painted a wooden tag and used a gel pen to write on it. 

The second project is reindeer food which is basically oats with added edible glitter added for a bit of sparkle.  Now please make sure you use edible glitter in any you make to ensure its save for wildlife that may eat the oats you sprinkle.  There are lots of different ways of storing your reindeer food. Some people use sealed bags, some use drawstring bags and i have used round cardboard boxes painted before embellishing.   

Now i can't say much more yet but very soon i will be holding a fabulous giveaway so keep your eyes peeled early next week to get your hands on an amazing prize.....

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Cute little owl

I love Owls and i love to make anything owl related so the other night i picked up a pile of felt i have been eyeing up for a while and decided to make a cute owl keyring.  Its Miss G's 6th birthday in a few weeks and i thought i might make some keyrings to put in the party bags and this one was easy and quick to do.  All i did was draw an owl body onto felt then drew wings and feet and a an eye patch and cut them all out.  Now you don't have to make it up like i did you can just google owl pictures and print out one that you want to adapt.  Once i had cut out my pieces i sewed and glued the bits together and added a key fob to make it into a keyring.  you could make it even easier by gluing it all instead of doing any sewing.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Picking your brains!!

Ok fellow bloggers i have a quick question which i'm hoping someone can answer.  When i leave a comment on someone Else's blog i usually get a lovely reply in my e-mails from the blogger which i think is lovely.  How the hell do i do it?  I can't seem to find any link or any way of replying to any ones comments on my posts other than to reply as a comment on the post under the post's comments!  Now i am technically challenged so someone please tell me in simpleton terms how i do it so i can send you an e-mail reply to any comments you leave on my posts??

Monday, 10 October 2011

Christmas Countdown Week 1

Well it is just under 11 weeks till Christmas so I thought I had better start getting organised!. I have about three quarters of my Christmas Shopping done so far so I’m fairly organised on that front but need to get started on all my handmade gifts. I made myself a rule last year that everyone would receive at least one handmade gift from me even if all their presents aren’t handmade. The problem I have this year is that with constantly making things for my unit at Botany Bay, Craft Fairs, a shop in Devon that stocks my items and orders through my folksy shop and work I don’t get much spare time to do any other crafting at the moment . I think I am going to have to draft a plan. Now being the lady of lists this bit will be easy – actually doing what’s on the plan may be more difficult!!. Anyway I am going to give it a whirl and I will post my plan on here next week to try and motivate myself!. I also thought to try an motivate everyone else I will do a countdown to Christmas. Each week I will post atleast one Christmas themed project on my blog. Each project will be easy and might give you some simple idea’s for Christmas gifts/projects.

So lets get the party started with Countdown to Christmas week 1. This project is as easy as it can get!. Wooden reindeer tree decorations. These could also be used as fancy gift tags. All you need is a wooden blank reindeer ( you could cut one out of card instead if you can’t get hold of any wooden ones!). I got mine off EBay. If you do a search for wooden shapes there are lots of sellers who sell them. You also need some paint ( I used white spray paint but acrylic or emulsion works just as well). Finally a gel pen and embellishments and your good to go!. Paint your reindeer and when its dry glue on any embellishments. I used buttons and red pom poms as noses. I used ribbon and craft wire for hanging and I used a gel pen to draw lines around the edge of the reindeer.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Easy Christmas keepsake decoration

Today I thought I would share a cute Christmas Keepsake I have made for a craft fair I am doing next week. As with everything I do its easy peasy and doesn’t take long!.

I used a wooden bauble shape but if you don’t have any you could always cut a bauble shape out of stiff scrapbook card and that will work just as well. I sanded down the blank bauble then painted it pink. Once it had dried I used a gel pen to add the text and then I used a reindeer topper as an embellishment. I tied a cute ribbon round the top for hanging and that’s it – done!.