Thursday, 13 October 2011

Cute little owl

I love Owls and i love to make anything owl related so the other night i picked up a pile of felt i have been eyeing up for a while and decided to make a cute owl keyring.  Its Miss G's 6th birthday in a few weeks and i thought i might make some keyrings to put in the party bags and this one was easy and quick to do.  All i did was draw an owl body onto felt then drew wings and feet and a an eye patch and cut them all out.  Now you don't have to make it up like i did you can just google owl pictures and print out one that you want to adapt.  Once i had cut out my pieces i sewed and glued the bits together and added a key fob to make it into a keyring.  you could make it even easier by gluing it all instead of doing any sewing.