Monday, 29 August 2011

Today's post is to show you a recent make using my latest obsession - buttons!!. 

I took a plain wood photo frame and spray painted it white then i added buttons and brads to embellish it and added co-ordinating paper.  I love how it turned out.  This one went to Botany Bay last week and has sold already.  I have a couple more of the frames so i'll probably have a go at doing a few more when i get back from my hols.  Did i mention i am in gran canaria at the moment :-).

Hope you are all chilling back home...

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Sock monkeys are taking over!

This post should be coming to you while i am on my holiday - hopefully drinking cocktails, relaxing on a sun lounger and chilling out.  Ok reality check relaxing on a sun lounger doesn't really happen with a 5 year old in tow.....but i'm pretty sure i am probably managing the cocktails atleast!.

So whilst i'm away i thought i'd share some recent sock animals i have made. 
 Bruce and Florence chilling...
 Millie and miranda the twins!
I do love sock animals as i think that anyone can have a go at them even if you are a complete novice. The options of what you can do with them are endless too.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Last minute makes

Today's post is a really quick one as we go on holiday tomorrow and i am still up to my eyes in packing and housework!.  This week i have been making lots of items to stock up my unit at botany bay as it has been doing well recently.  I have been meaning to make magnetic pegs for a while but just haven't got round to it so i have whipped some up and taken them to my shop.

 Here they are packaged and ready to go

 I only took a photo of a couple of packs but there are that quick and easy to do i made 10 packs
 This plaque has been half finished for ages so i have finally finished it and shipped it off to my unit.

 I also started decorating a few hard back journals.  I love the paper i used on this but wished i had continued it inside as I'm not keen on the contrasting red but hey ho!!

I have prepared a few scheduled posts so even though I'm not here i will still be updating my blog - providing it works of course!. 

Monday, 15 August 2011

Shabby Chic noticeboard

A few weeks ago i found two large wooden hearts in a charity shop.  They were definately in need of recycling but i knew exactly what i wanted to do with them.  I have been meaning to try and make a padded noticeboard for ages and just haven't got round to it.  Till now!.  I cut wadding to the shape of the heart and used red and white polka fabric to cover it. i also covered the buttons in the same fabric to match.  I also made some matching pins using fabric heart embellishments.  I also used East of India ribbon which i love so much... Anyhoo what do you think?....

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

My Latest Obsession - Pinterest

Recently i joined Pinterest and i love it.  For anyone who hasn't heard of Pinterest its like a virtual noticeboard that you pin things to.  I have several boards in my space and when i like something online i pin it. A bit like bookmarking with photo's and in handy reference folders...  For example i have a craft projects board and any craft projects i come across i pin to there and can link to in one easy click.  You can follow others and repin their projects and ideas.  If you are on why not come and follow me here.  If you don't want to follow me still come and have a peek at my boards and tell me what you think.  I'll warn you though it is seriously addictive!!!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

More Sock creatures!!

Its a quick post from me today as Saturday morning's are always hectic for us. Lili has swimming followed by dancing class and Mr G plays football. On top of that today we have my brothers house warming party (and i have a candle in a vase to make for it!). Just thought i would share Elvis and Chloe my two latest makes....



If you want to make a sock monkey then drop me an e-mail at for the instructions.  If you want to make the cat the instructions are here Have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

After the many posts on sock animals i have done you have probably gathered that i have a bit of an obsession!!.  For ages i have wanted to make a sock pig but just haven't got round to it.  Last night i finally got round to making one.  I have to say i think Pippa is quite cute.  I have added her to my Folksy shop and think i will try making some more. I made it up as i went along although i'm sure there are probably some tutorials out there..

 Her tailed turned out better than i thought it would

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

How to dress a bottle

Today’s post is about how to dress up a plain present and card. This weekend it was my father in laws mum’s 80th Birthday. She said that she didn’t want anyone to buy her a present as there is nothing she needs. Of course I didn’t feel right turning up empty handed so we bought her a bottle of Campari (her secret tipple- not recommended as it tastes awful in my opinion but each to their own!!). At first I was going to put it in a bottle bag and jazz up the bag but decided instead to use tissue paper and cellophane to create pretty packaging. If you want to do something similar you will need tissue paper, florists film/cellophane (There are loads of suppliers on ebay), ribbon, scissors, clear round stickers (or sticky tape) and other embellishments. Embellishments recommended but not essential.

First of all wrap your bottle in tissue paper. Then cut the cellophane large enough to wrap round the bottle and overlap slightly. Wrap the film round the bottle and secure with round clear stickers (or sticky tape). I used the round stickers as they look neater but don’t worry if you don’t have any. I got mine from a pound store. Next take your ribbon and tie in a bow. If you are adding a tag (or wooden heart) then thread it through your ribbon before tying your bow. I painted a wooden heart and added some handwritten text and a fabric dotty heart.

I then decided that the plain white envelope for the card was far too boring and I was on a mission at this point so decided to try an experiment which I am so going to do all the time now as it looks fab. I cut a piece of the cellophane the same size as the envelope then used double sided sticky tape to attach it to the envelope. I then stuck a piece of ribbon along the bottom. I wrote her name on a coloured luggage tag and jazzed that up with some paper flower cut outs and a dotty brad.