Thursday, 28 June 2012

Teachers Gifts

Well its 2 weeks today till Little Miss G finishes school for summer holidays! Which means finding 8 weeks of entertainment and at least 5 weeks of help with looking after her while I’m at work.  Last week I made Lili’s Teacher’s gifts so I thought I’d share some other teacher gift idea’s that I have made in this post with you all. 

As with everything i make they are not hard to do so if you want to have a go and don't know where to start then drop me an e-mail or if you can't be bothered making one but want to buy a Teachers Gift then pop over to my Facebook Page where there are lots of items to choose from.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Happy Holidays

Sorry for my noted absence recently but we have been off sunning ourselves in Gran Canaria.  It was a well needed break after i have been so so busy this year.  Having said that we nearly didn't get there!.  4 months ago when i booked flights i checked my passport to make sure it hadn't expired - no 5 years left.  Now because i renew the passports at the same time then i didn't both to check any others BIG mistake!!!.  It didn't dawn on me that Lili's is only for 5 years because she's a child!!!!  So 4 days before going when i go to enter the pre flight information online i almost have a panic attack!!!.  Ok keep calm i'll just ring Liverpool passport office and spend a whole day (that i don't really have to spare!) sorting out a new one.  Oh no those days are long gone when i rung up the passport central number i was told they offered a same day service and a weeks service at all offices.  I explained it was less than a week till we go so could i have a same day appointment please.  Apparently not as as the next available appointment at liverpool was in 2 weeks time (erm why are people being booked in to a same day service when they fly in over a weeks time surely thats what the week service is for!!). To cut a long story short the only uk office with a same day appointment before we were going was Belfast!!!.  So off i flew to sunny Belfast (and it really was) to get little Miss G's passport renewed.  Alls well that ends well but not an experience i want to repeat!!!.