Thursday, 29 July 2010

Craft Fair Makes Part 1

At the moment i don't have much time to blog :-( as i am doing a craft fair on saturday and have quite a few things still to make.  I thought i would share a few of the things i have made so far. I have also made some girls bunting for the first time and i have to say i am really pleased with how it looks. i'll take some pics when i get chance and post them.

I think the cupcake bookmarks are quite sweet so will probably make some more of those for saturday.

Crayon Rolls -I love how easy these are to make

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

A bit of sewing and broken machine!

Ok why is it that things always go wrong when you really don't want them to or don't have the time for them to do!.   There is never a good time for your sewing machine to break but 4 days before a craft fair really couldn't be much worse!!. I had geared myself up to spend from tea time onwards sewing last night..... I'm half way through a handbag when my machine jams and will not work Arggh.  I then had to spend the next hour and a half trying to work out the problem by dissecting the machine.  At first i was thinking ok i'm a civil engineer i'm supposed to be technically minded surely i can figure this out  - erm no!!.  Anyway I eventually worked out that the spool holder wasn't turning because a piece had dropped at the back which meant it was catching. I then decided to try a quick fix of stuffing fabric (with a pair of tweezers) under the piece of metal so that it can't drop and the spool holder can turn.  To my surprise it actually worked and i managed to keep sewing and finish the bag plus another one and some bunting.  Now i need to get it looked at (can't wait to explain how i have temporarily fixed it!).  

Anyway here is one of the bags i managed to finish

Monday, 26 July 2010

Back from Holiday

Well what a lovely fortnight away we have had but all good things come to an end :-(!!.  We got back in the earlier hours of yesterday morning and i'm back at work today so no real chance to catch up in blog world.  I am doing a cratf fair on saturday so will be sewing at every spare minute this week so hopefully will have some makes to show soon.  In the meantime i thought i would share a few pics from the gorgeous Anfi resort.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Where i craft

Hello everyone if i have grasped the hang of scheduled posts you should get this while i am sunning myself on hols :-).  Because i am not at home sewing i don't have anything crafty to show so i thought i would give you an insight into where i craft.  Now i am extremely luck that we have a very generous sized house which has a study.  There are only 3 of us (and mini G is only 4 years old!) so space isn't a problem and for which i feel very privileged.  I work from home 2 days a week and when doing so i use our study.  I say ours but to be honest it has been taken over by me as a study/craft room.  Our house is 8 years old and we bought it before it was built from plan because we fell in love with the fact that it is a new house but so spacious and doesn't feel like a shoe box like most new houses do.  

For some reason the room looks very dark on my pics (I'm no David Bailey!) but it really isn't.  It is monochrome colours with the walls being two shades of pale grey and the units being dark grey with light wood.   
Now the picture on the wall looks wonky but its not its just my appalling photography skills!.  The picture on the wall was a wedding present from my hubbys ex boss who's daughter is a photographer.


The wire units in the corner have lots of fabric and craft bits in.

  the folders on the top are my home organiser file and my craft folder.  there is also a holder with craft mags and sewing patterns in.

This unit stores most of my papercraft items.  the small grey boxes are embellishments split into categories like birthdays, animals, girls, boys, love etc.  The clear plastic box files are blank cards and envelopes and the metal magazine holders at the top have card and paper and my cutters etc in.  Punches, glues,stamps, scissors etc are in holders lower down that you can't see on this pic.

This is inside my cupboard.  the bottom shelf has fabrics, threads and buttons. the middle shelf has my cricut machine, my sewing machine (when put away), and other ribbons etc.  The top shelf has Lili's craft box and goodies in.

My small pieces of fabric are stored in a plastic box and my threads, reels and buttons are in plastic holders.

Anyway i hope you liked the tour and I'll let you into a secret there is more fabric stashed in random places all over the house :-)

Sunday, 11 July 2010


Well if you are reading this on Sunday 11th July then my schedule post has worked.  If not hey ho!.  As you read this i should be sunnying myself on hols (unless its raining in Gran Canaria :-))  with a cocktail in one hand and good book in the other.  Because i'm on hols i haven't done any sewing to show on craft sunday so instead i am showing some of the gorgeous fabric i bought before i went away.  How lovely is this owl fabric from fabricrehab 

This bundle is also from fabricrehab and is a £2 bundle they are selling as emergency packs.  There are some lovely pieces and i love the coloured bird fabric at the top of the photo.

Friday, 9 July 2010

One more sleep till Gran Canaria

Morning all this is probably going to be my last live post for a few weeks as i am off on a family holiday to Gran Canaria tomorrow for 2 whole weeks.  Thats if i ever finish the packing - Mr G is going to have a hissy fit when he comes home and sees how heavy the suitcases are (and i haven't finished yet!!).  I am going to try and set up some scheduled posts for while i am away.  Hopefully one will be a tour of my craft room.  Anyhoo hope you all have lots of fun crafting over the next few weeks and i'll be back soon x x

Sunday, 4 July 2010


This week has been quite a busy crafting week for a change.  i have managed to make quite a few things although i have shown some of my makes earlier in the week so this is what is left to show.  Starting first with some more crayon rolls.  i love making these as they are so quick and easy and make great gifts.
You probably can't see the background fabric on this but it is a gorgeous cat design which i love. 

Next item is a travel document holder for taking on my hols next week

It has our passports zipped away in the pocket and room for our tickets etc in the other side.

A couple of vinyl bags to put our suncreams in (they match the beachbags i showed earlier in the week)

My first ever tutorial for an oversized beach bag

Ok fingers crossed this works.  i think i have managed to upload my tutorial on how to make the beachbag i made earlier this week.  This is my first tutorial so bear with me as i tend to waffle and go off at a tangent!!.  After spending hours last night trying to figure out how to put a pdf file in a post it took me 5 minutes today when i worked it out (thats if it has worked of course!!)  I uploaded it as a PDF file to a website called and then that gave me an embeded code to put in this post - confused ? i am !!!.  Anyhoo hopefully it works.  Can someone let me know if it has and if the tutorial is ok or is there anything obvious missing.

Oversized Beach Bag Tutorial by Dizzytina

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Help how do i attach a word doc or a PDF file to a post?

You know when you say you will do something and it turns out to be a complete ball ache well this is what happened when i said i would do my first ever tutorial about the beachbag i made!!  The bag took less than an hour to make the tutorial somewhat longer and now i can't work out how to put a PDF or word document into a post arrrgh!!.  Can anyone help me i'm clearly technically challenged.  So i'm hoping that one of my lovely followers knows more about blogging than me (that can't be hard!) and can tell me how i do it! anyone?

Friday, 2 July 2010

Possibly the biggest beach bag ever!!

I go on holiday in 8 days (cue lots of cheering!!) and need a new beachbag.  Now every year i look for a suitable beachbag and end up trying to force three beach towels, creams, hats, books, wim shoes, armbands etc etc into one bag which by the end of the holiday usually ends up in the bin!!.  This year i thought i would make myself a really large one to fit everything in.  Now i may have gone abit overboard as it is possibly the biggest beach bag ever!!! Still there should be no problem fitting everything but the kitchen sink in!. Of course i have also made Lili her own so there isn't the need for half the stuff in mine....
Anyway for anyone who is interested i will be doing my first ever tutorial on this tomorrow (i will probably scale down the measurements so you don't end up with a bag big enough to sleep in!).