Friday, 16 July 2010

Where i craft

Hello everyone if i have grasped the hang of scheduled posts you should get this while i am sunning myself on hols :-).  Because i am not at home sewing i don't have anything crafty to show so i thought i would give you an insight into where i craft.  Now i am extremely luck that we have a very generous sized house which has a study.  There are only 3 of us (and mini G is only 4 years old!) so space isn't a problem and for which i feel very privileged.  I work from home 2 days a week and when doing so i use our study.  I say ours but to be honest it has been taken over by me as a study/craft room.  Our house is 8 years old and we bought it before it was built from plan because we fell in love with the fact that it is a new house but so spacious and doesn't feel like a shoe box like most new houses do.  

For some reason the room looks very dark on my pics (I'm no David Bailey!) but it really isn't.  It is monochrome colours with the walls being two shades of pale grey and the units being dark grey with light wood.   
Now the picture on the wall looks wonky but its not its just my appalling photography skills!.  The picture on the wall was a wedding present from my hubbys ex boss who's daughter is a photographer.


The wire units in the corner have lots of fabric and craft bits in.

  the folders on the top are my home organiser file and my craft folder.  there is also a holder with craft mags and sewing patterns in.

This unit stores most of my papercraft items.  the small grey boxes are embellishments split into categories like birthdays, animals, girls, boys, love etc.  The clear plastic box files are blank cards and envelopes and the metal magazine holders at the top have card and paper and my cutters etc in.  Punches, glues,stamps, scissors etc are in holders lower down that you can't see on this pic.

This is inside my cupboard.  the bottom shelf has fabrics, threads and buttons. the middle shelf has my cricut machine, my sewing machine (when put away), and other ribbons etc.  The top shelf has Lili's craft box and goodies in.

My small pieces of fabric are stored in a plastic box and my threads, reels and buttons are in plastic holders.

Anyway i hope you liked the tour and I'll let you into a secret there is more fabric stashed in random places all over the house :-)


  1. Gosh you are so tidy, I'm going to have to organise myself more.

  2. Thanks for letting us nosey round your room! You are so organised, I always start like that then it all goes pear shaped with bags of stuff all mixed in and once in a while I have a blitz and tidy again, but never as tidy as yours! Hope you are having a wonderful time of it!
    Kandi x

  3. Tell the truth,Did you tidy it for the pics?
    I wouldnt like to post a pic of my untidy little card making stash.Looks like I,m a bag lady some days have a wonderful time away,enjoy yourself.

  4. Ha of course i tidied it for the pics - you couldn´t see the floor for sewing thread and fabric before lol!. Kandi i am exactly the same i start off like the pics above but by the time i have been home next week for a few weeks it will end up with everything mixed up again!. having lots of fun in the sun speak to you all next week x x

  5. as the others have said you really are organised! Good on ya. I could learn a thing or two but my arguement is that I dont have time to get tidy! ha ha !