Wednesday, 22 December 2010

3 more sleeps!

Ok can someone please tell me where December has gone!.  i have been fairly organised all year then suddenly there are 3 days left and i have loads to do!.  it doesn't help that Lili has been ill again!  Every weekend in December so far.  This time was a bad ear infection which got worse when she had a bad allergic reaction to the antibiotics.  All of one side of her face ballooned and was a real mess so a nice trip to A&E on monday night!.  Anyway i am feeling slightly less stressed now as i have finished all my orders so i can now concentrate on finishing presents!.  The picture above  is one of the pump bag and crayon roll sets i have just made.  I did another 2 the same but with different names on for my Auntie.
This Peter Rabbit bag i have made for my friends little boy and have filled it with books - including one autographed by the author who came into Lili's school last month.  I have made him a personalised notepad, crayons and eraser for in the front pockets along with pencils and a sharpener.  Hope he likes them!

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Lovely gesture

Well the snow is definately back in lancashire!.  Now i love the snow but why does it always come when you have lots to do and places to go!.  Today is Lili's first dance show so we have to try and make it out to that but to add to the stress she had a sleepover at Rod's aunties last night who lives about 20 miles away so we have to try and get over there and back again and then out to the show!.  I have to praise our Council who are fantastic and making sure the main roads are gritted and cleared - and they even did some of our estate the other week.  lets just hope we can get off the cul de sac and out of the estate.  Anyway before i forget i had a lovely surprise in the post on thursday.  In with a bundle of cards was one from the lovely kandi with a gorgeous heart decoration in.  Thank you hun i know you aren't posting at the moment but thanks for the lovely gesture and i hope you are a coping with your sadness (i'm sending a big hug for you).

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Today i have posted all our Christmas Cards.  This year i seem to be way behind so i have had to post them first class!.  Now i would love to send a card to all the lovely people in blog world but unfortunately i only have a handful of your addresses.  So for those i haven't been able to send a card in the post to i have created this....

Digital Scrapbooking at
Photo Tinks by

You will have to ignore the horrid pic of me but i have struggled trying to find a decent photo (in fact any recent photo) of all 3 of us!!.  I had to settle on using one from lili's birthday last month when i had spent hours organising for her tea party and didn't really have anytime to get myself ready!!.

Anyway Happy Christmas everyone and there a few cards in the post to those who's addresses i have x x

Monday, 13 December 2010

My Birthday

It was my 36th birthday on Friday so i haven't had much chance for crafting this week!.  Every year i complain about it being 2 weeks before Christmas as everyone is always too busy on works do's etc to celebrate with me.  This year as well as most of our friends being busy or saving for Christmas Lili was also really poorly so i spent my birthday cleaning up projectile vomit and had to get up a few times in the night as well!!.  Despite that hubby always spoils me and is such a sweetheart.  This year he bought me a Kenwood chef robot (Kenwoods version of Kitchenaid!)which is amazing and lots of other things.  he also took me to Selfridges for lunch at weekend and when lili was better yesterday took her out so i could have the house to myself to potter round and play with my new gadget. I did get chance to whip up one of the orders i have for a bag.  Excuse the naff light i had to take the photo in the dark!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Easy magnetic peg clips

Well its been another very cold week here in Lancashire.   Now i love snow when i'm wrapped up at home all cosy but don't like having to venture out in it.  I'm luck my little mini is fab in the snow and ice so i do feel quite safe.  Its a shame my legs don't seem to be as good in snow and ice!! Yesterday whilst walking over a cobble bridge near Lili's school i lost my footing and landed both feet in the air!! Oh am i aching today!!.  Anyway to take my mind off it last night i decided to have a go at making some magnetic peg clips.  This is another project that i feared may look like Lili had done but again i was surprised with how cool they turned out.  As with all my projects they were super easy to make!.  I spray painted some pegs used roller glue to stick ribbon down the back and front, popped on cute embellishments and then stuck self adhesive magnetic tape on the back of each one. The verse was one from a lovely lady off MSE and i designed the labels using picnik   

Friday, 3 December 2010

Easy & Quick Calendar gift

Who doesn't like a project thats quick and easy? Well this one was really quick and i'm impressed with how they have turned out.  I did have images of these looking like Lili had made it at school when i decided to make some coaster calendars and bookmarks but fear not they seem to have come out well!.
 All i did was stick roller glue all around a coaster then placed the coaster on a sheet of patterned card glue side down.  Then cut around the card with a craft knife.  Turned over and did the same for the other side.  Then stuck on a few embellishments and a mini calendar.  Popped it in self seal cello bag and made a topper from card.  Wrote on the topper and embellished.  Give it a go they really only take 10 minutes to do.
These bookmarks are also super easy.  Take a wooden lolly stick.  I bought a pack of about 50 coloured ones for £1.99 from the Range.  Stick on your choice of topper with glue.  I used flower cut outs and popped a brad through the centre.  You can buy packs of these flowers (again from the Range) or use pretty much anything you want.  Pop in a cello bag and make a header out of co-ordinated card folded over in half and write on the label.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Experimental makes!

This week i have been having doing a bit of messing about.  For some reason our study has been freezing (even with the heating on and lots of layers!) so i haven't spent much time in there so have only done a few tiny projects. Before i show you those however this is the wooden/fabric advent calendar i made for Lili.  It didn't take long to do.  I used a piece of MDF as the backing and then glued blue and green co-ordinating 12" x 12" card on.  then i cut out triangle's for the trees and rectangles for the stumps.  Decorated with papermania snowflake stickers and then cut out 24 pieces of different size rectangles out of felt.  I then stuck on felt numbers and used a hot glue gun to attach the wooden ho ho ho (which i bought from Home Bargains).

Now on to the experimental makes!I found some teeth  and lip sweet bags in tesco and thought i would do something funny with them.  Not sure why i have decided to give Santa False teeth but it does make me laugh!.
 I designed the header for these doggy treat bags using picnik.  i f anyone wants a copy drop me an e-mail to

 I made this little treat for Lili's teacher using the free printable from livinglocurto if you haven't visited this

website take a peek they have fantastic free printables 

 A few more stocking fillers that i great for girls!.  To make each set you will need one 12" x 12" scrapbook paper, one A6 notepad, 5 pencil crayons, embellishments and a cello bag.