Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Today i have posted all our Christmas Cards.  This year i seem to be way behind so i have had to post them first class!.  Now i would love to send a card to all the lovely people in blog world but unfortunately i only have a handful of your addresses.  So for those i haven't been able to send a card in the post to i have created this....

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You will have to ignore the horrid pic of me but i have struggled trying to find a decent photo (in fact any recent photo) of all 3 of us!!.  I had to settle on using one from lili's birthday last month when i had spent hours organising for her tea party and didn't really have anytime to get myself ready!!.

Anyway Happy Christmas everyone and there a few cards in the post to those who's addresses i have x x

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  1. What a lovely family piccie! Your daughter is such a cutie! Merry Xmas to you, Rod and Lili when it comes (just incase I dont speak to you beforehand.) x