Monday, 31 January 2011

Sock Kittens

Remember Jeremy the cute sock monkey I made the other week well now I am on a mission to make a collection of different sock creatures. Previously I have made sock monkeys, sock horses and a sock zebra. This weekend I found a really easy tutorial for a sock cat so I thought I’d give it a whirl. Meet Mrs Cat and her kitten. I need to think of names now (suggestions appreciated!). These are even quicker to make than sock monkeys so give it a try if you have a spare half hour and a pair of socks to hand!. I will have a look for the tutorial I followed and edit this post once I have found it later today.

This week I’m hoping to make a sock frog and a sock cow! Maybe I’m becoming a tad obsessive :-)
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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Easy Applique pump bag

For months now i have been meaning to try applique using Heat n bond (or some people use freezer paper) and last night i finally got round to it!.  I jumped in at the deep end and tried it out on a bag which is a present for a party Lili has been today - no pressure to get it right then!!.  Have to say now i am addicted i can't believe how quick and easy it is and how cool it looks not to mention the fact i don't have to sew round each letter anymore to prevent fraying.  Ok i'm sounding like a heat n bond advert so i'll shut up and just show you the bag..
 The pink gingham fabric is actually some bargain curtains i bought from Argos in the sale.  £3.99 and they will make approx 9 or 10 fully lined bags.
This bag took me about 45 minutes to make.  I used my Cricut machine to cut the letters out (but you could easily cut them by hand) by ironing the heat n bond to the back of the fabric and then putting it through my cricut machine to cut.  I have never tried this before so was a little nervous but the heat n bond makes the cotton fabric stiff enough to cut easily in the machine.  I will be making another of these next week so i'll do a step by step tutorial.
Pink Hippo Party

Thursday, 27 January 2011

I'm not worthy

What a lovely surprise i had when the very talented amanda from city girl gone coastal commented on one of my posts and told me that she had nominated me for a stylish blogger award.  I am so pleased so thank you so much lovie.  there are a few rules attached which i will run through in a mo but first if you haven't visited Amanda's blog before go and take a peek she has some fab idea's and is very talented.

Now back to the award.  Here are the rules:-
1. thank and link back to the person who awarded you the award.
2.Share 7 things about yourself
3. Nominate 15 blogs you have recently discovered
4. Contact these blogs and let them know.

So heres my 7 things......

1. I was caught up in the middle of the london Bombings and if i hadn't been pregnant at the time (meaning a weak bladder and a trip to the train station toilets!!) i would have been on the bus that blew up.  My train from Manchester arrived in London at 9am and i was about to walk out and get on the bus (which i later found out blew up) but being nearly 7 months pregenant i needed a toilet trip as any pregnant women knows when baby is pressing on your bladder you have no chance of keeping it in!.  When i came out of the toilets there were chaous.  I went out to get the bus(wanted the tube but the Police had closed it) outside the station but the driver closed the door right in front of me as people were just jumping on and it was jam packed.  i started walking (and had to walk 14 miles to get to my meeting in the end!) and then found out on the news later that day that i was due to get on that bus!!. 
2. I have broke my wrist 4 times - i am very accident prone!!
3. On my first wedding annivesary we got evacuated back to the UK from Dominian Republic after getting caught in a hurricane that completely destroyed our complex.  I guess you are working out by now i'm not the luckiest of people ha!.
4. I can't drink wine (amanda i copied this off you as it also applies to me!) it just doesn't agree with me.  After one glass i am slurring and i turn into a gibbering wreck!.  Now Vodka thats a different matter..
5.As a student training to be a Civil Engineer i used to work for Ann Summers...
6. I love Cats.  I only have one (though we used to have 2 but one got run over) now and she is 16 but still looks like a kitten. If i wasn't married i'd probably end up an old women with a house full of cats!
7.I hate ironing.  Even the word annoys me!.  I don't suppose many people love it but i really hate it.  I try and do mine as soon as a wash has dried as the thought of a mountain of it to do would fill me with dread.  if i ever win the lottery i am so sending it out to a professional ironer!!.

Now for 15 blogs i have recently discovered.  this is tricky as i follow so many fantatstic blogs but as its recent ones it makes it slightly(only a little) easier.  these are all amazing blogs and miles better and creative than mine so go check them out.


Wednesday, 26 January 2011

A 5 minute room plaque

Now i know i said i wouldn't do any more projects until i had gutted my study but i couldn't resist making a really quick and easy room plaque for one of my nieces.  At the moment i am really into wooden projects having ordered loads of random wooden shapes online before Christmas. 

This is a really quick gift and the only time involved really is waiting for the spray paint to dry.

Here's the step by step....

1.  Take a thin piece of MDF or thin wood.  I used these and they are approx 14cm x 7cm
2. Using spray paint (or a tin if you haven't got spray paint) cover your plaque and leave to dry. Once dry turn over and repeat.
3.  Once fully dry use a gel ink pen to write on your text.  I also added lines around the border to jazz it up. 
4. Embellish with stickers, chipboard etc.  i used accessorize stickers on mine.
5.  Turn over and add a sticky pad to the back .


Monday, 24 January 2011

Another simple project!

Is it monday already?  Where did the weekend go?.  I spent yesterday trying to declutter wardrobes in our bedroom.  What i thought would take half an hour took me most of the day.  Instead of feeling satisfied and appreciating i now have more room and less junk it has dawned on me that i am now going to have to tackleall the other cupboards /drawers in the house!! -  i am hoping to start in the study (my craft room later) and i'm determined not to do any projects till i have sorted the room out.  Which may mean its been lovely knowing you and don't expect to hear anything from me for the rest of the year ha!.  Anyway thought i'd share a quick project that i did over the weekend.   it started with this...

and ended up like this....

I started by spray painting the frame pink.  i gave it a couple of coats.  Then cut out annabell in white card using my cricut (but you could use stickers) and stuck them on a pink piece of paper.  The i used Mod Podge all over the letters and paper to make it more sturdy and durable.  Then i stuck the name on the bottom of the frame using Mod Podge again and got some chipboard shapes and glued them to the frame using my glue gun.  Then i stuck the word smile on the top of the frame (should i have used a different colour but hey ho!) and cut out a dotty background sheet to insert into the frame.  This is for my new Niece incase you hadn't guessed!.

Friday, 21 January 2011

2 quick & easy Valentines treats

I seem to be on a roll with valentines themed items this week!. These are 2 really simple and quick treats you could make. They take no time at all the card box looks really well made and could be used as a favour box or for anytime of the year. First up is a chocolate guitar....

I made this using this mould which i bought from poundland they probably have them at other bargain/thrift stores
I melted dark chocolate over a pan of hot water and then poured it into the mould.  You really should temper your chocolate but as this is just a trial i was being lazy!.  Once i had filled the mould i popped itr in the fridge to set.  i then made a header using picnik.  Once the chocolate had set i removed it from the mould and popped it in a cellophane bag.  Then added the header i had made and thats it.  if anyone wants a copy of the header i designed just send me an e-mail and i'll get a copy to you.

 This next set is another quick and easy project and so versatile you could make them for any occasion.  I used these fab instructions over on Esmers blog to make the box.  One piece of A4 card will make 2 boxes.  She has some fab makes on her blog so pop over and take a peek.
 I decorated the box with ribbon and a wooden heart that was from a pack of 10 from tesco at Christmas.  i have to say they really do look professional when done and you would think they were bought in a shop (even with my rubbish handywork!).  i have also made handmade chocs to go inside using chocolate moulds bought from poundland and then melted chocolate as above.  Remember if you are making them temper your chocolate otherwise it may start to melt once handled.

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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Jeremy the love monkey

Its nearly Valentines Day and i have been desperately trying to think of something nice for hubby.  Now usually i end up buying him something he wants which is usually not romantic at all i.e. CD's, aftershave etc.  this year i am determined that for every occasion i will make something although i will buy presents to go with my handmade items.  Last night i was making a sock monkey when i came up with the idea of adapting him to be a love monkey for Valentines day.  What do you think of Jeremy the love monkey?....

I used instructions that i was given off the MSE forum.  If anyone wants instructions send me an e-mail and i'll send a copy to you.  Sock monkeys are so easy to make and a great project if you are a novice sewer.

Fine Craft Guild

Creations by Kara

Punkin Seed Productions

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Easy Baby gifts

You will probably remember me saying my Sister in law was due to have a baby girl well I'm pleased to announce that baby Annabell has arrived safe and sound weighing in a healthy 9lb!.  I am making up a hamper of gifts and i will post a pic once i have assembled it. In the meantime i thought i would show you the little co-ordinating items i have made to go in the hamper (with other stuff i have bought). 

I have shown one of the bibs and the taggie last week but have now made another bib and a matching bath towel.  i made the bath towel by taking a plain white towel and adding a co-ordinating piece of fabric and some lace. Just cut your piece of fabric slightly larger than required.  Iron your fabric pressing between 1- 2cm underneath on each side so you are left with all edge tucked underneath.  Place your lace on the edge of your towel and the fabric piece right side up on top of that.  pin in place and then top stitch all the way round each side of the fabric.  i did two rows of stitching as it looks smarter - ok i didn't catch a small part of the lace so had to do another row but lets not mention that!!).  If you want to make the bibs see my instructions here and my tutorial for the taggie is here

Make it Yours @ My Backyard Eden

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Scented love heart cushion

After a lovely romantic weekend away here...

i decided to stay with the love theme for my next project.  This lavender scented cushion was really quick and easy to make with some small pieces of scrap fabric.  I intended to make it into a fabric drinks coaster but made the padding to thick so i added some ribbon and buttons and made it into a little hanging cushion instead!.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Love is in the air!!

Me and Mr G are going on a romantic night away tomorrow to Nunsmere Hall in Cheshire and i can hardly contain my excitement.  This combined with browsing lots of blogs with valentines themes got me thinking about little Valentines makes i can do. I thought that given Valentine's day is on a Monday this year i could do some little surprise treats to go in Mr G's packed lunch.  Here's my first attempt...

 These are chocolates wrapped in heart paper with embellishments added then i popped them in a cellophane bag and made a co-ordinating header out of the same scrapbook paper.
At the moment i am addicted to decorating tin cans.  I thought i would have a go at doing a love themed set that i can use to present hubby's pressies in rather than a bag.  The little tin can was a weightwatchers tuna tin and the large one was a tin of peas!.  I am going to make a silver keyring using silver clay which will fit in the small tin nicely.  I'll probably fill the large tin with homemade choccies.If you want instructions for making the embellished tins see my previous post here 
This week i am joining the following link parties

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