Thursday, 20 January 2011

Jeremy the love monkey

Its nearly Valentines Day and i have been desperately trying to think of something nice for hubby.  Now usually i end up buying him something he wants which is usually not romantic at all i.e. CD's, aftershave etc.  this year i am determined that for every occasion i will make something although i will buy presents to go with my handmade items.  Last night i was making a sock monkey when i came up with the idea of adapting him to be a love monkey for Valentines day.  What do you think of Jeremy the love monkey?....

I used instructions that i was given off the MSE forum.  If anyone wants instructions send me an e-mail and i'll send a copy to you.  Sock monkeys are so easy to make and a great project if you are a novice sewer.

Fine Craft Guild

Creations by Kara

Punkin Seed Productions


  1. Oh I love Jeremy!! How cute is he xx

  2. very cute! I am obsessed with sock monkey so I love it!

  3. Oh my goodness he is sweet! Love him ;)

  4. I saw sock monkeys while out shopping today, and they were adorable. Yours is great! You should come link up at Fun for Kids Friday

  5. Really cute - love his bandanna. Jaqui x