Friday, 7 January 2011

A New Arrival due next week

I'm not sure if i mentioned but we have some exciting family news.  Hopefully next week there will be the pitter patter of tiny feet in the family. Hubby's little brothers (ten years younger!) wife is about to have a baby.  She has had a few complications during her pregnancy so on her visit to hospital last week they have told her they will be taking her in next week and inducing her.  We are all really excited especially Lili who is looking forward to another little girl.  they are soon to move into a house near us as well so it will be nice to be near by.  I thought it would be nice to make some things for them as they knoiw they are having a girl.  i am underway with bunting and some other bits but i thought i would share a really easy make i made in half an hour this morning. 

 My first attempt at making a bib.  I have fancied making some for ages but always thought it might end up looking pants.  I have to say i actually love it and i am now going to make a matching blanket in co-ordinating fabric and some burbing cloths.  If you want to make one it is so easy. I used a real bib (one of Lili's old ones that she uses for her dolls!) and laid it on top of 2 co-ordinating fabrics.  I used the fabric you can see in the pic and the reverse is pink and white dotty fleece which is nice and soft.  Pin the bib on top of the two fabrics and cut round using the bib as a template.  Turn your 2 pieces of fabric print side facing together and stitch all the way round the edge leaving a 2" gap on the bottom edge.  Push the bib the right way out through the gap and iron flat.  Sew round the edge making sure you catch the gap along the bottom. Take 2 pieces of velcro and cut into squares sew one on each end of the bib that fastens round the neck (One piece of velcro on the print side of the end that will be underneath and one on the reverse side of the end that will be ontop). 

Right now i'm off to start the burping cloths....


  1. I've just been told I'm going to be a great aunt(again) that idea is very timely thanks.

  2. That is really lovely! It's great to have new babies to make for isn't it? Have you seen the taggies; I made a few of these and the little ones love them when they are old enough to grab and suck bits of the ribbons - here are the 'proper' ones they are mega easy to make
    Kandi x

  3. Very sweet! :) I posted about the baby blocks further down.
    I love meeting kindred crafting spirits. :)
    Hope you come by to say hi.

  4. Cute! I've made a few bibs for my daughter and was surprised at how easy they were to make. I love the fabric you used!