Saturday, 8 January 2011

Homemade Kitchen Organiser

Last year i went to a Jamie Oliver at home party and when my order was delivered there was a free recipe holder included.  It has been sat in my study since then as i already have a recipe folder.   I have been meaning to transform it into a gift for a friend so this week i have set to it!.  This is what it looked like to start with....

 And this is it revamped...

I still have some parts to do but when finished it will have dividing sections like the one above.  One each for the following :- meal planner (with sheets for weekly and monthly meal plans), Recipes (with blank recipe forms), shopping lists (with blank shopping list forms), Freezer inventory (with blank freezer inventory forms).  My friend is really into cooking so i think i will put it up towards her birthday present.  If you wanted to try making one of these you could always use a ring binder folder instead of what i have used. 


  1. Thats fab Tina. Definately prefer the revamped version to the original. Looks great! x

  2. Brilliant Idea!! Looks fab! x

  3. Very nice transformation. I love when you can find a better use for something.


  4. Very cute! I love the transformation!

  5. Great transformation! Way to use what you have! I appreciate you linking up to Fantastic Friday, I cannot wait to see what you link up this week!