Monday, 24 January 2011

Another simple project!

Is it monday already?  Where did the weekend go?.  I spent yesterday trying to declutter wardrobes in our bedroom.  What i thought would take half an hour took me most of the day.  Instead of feeling satisfied and appreciating i now have more room and less junk it has dawned on me that i am now going to have to tackleall the other cupboards /drawers in the house!! -  i am hoping to start in the study (my craft room later) and i'm determined not to do any projects till i have sorted the room out.  Which may mean its been lovely knowing you and don't expect to hear anything from me for the rest of the year ha!.  Anyway thought i'd share a quick project that i did over the weekend.   it started with this...

and ended up like this....

I started by spray painting the frame pink.  i gave it a couple of coats.  Then cut out annabell in white card using my cricut (but you could use stickers) and stuck them on a pink piece of paper.  The i used Mod Podge all over the letters and paper to make it more sturdy and durable.  Then i stuck the name on the bottom of the frame using Mod Podge again and got some chipboard shapes and glued them to the frame using my glue gun.  Then i stuck the word smile on the top of the frame (should i have used a different colour but hey ho!) and cut out a dotty background sheet to insert into the frame.  This is for my new Niece incase you hadn't guessed!.


  1. It must be the time of year I have been having a clear out and finding things I didn't even know I had. Love the frame but What is Mod Podge?

  2. Mod Podge is like a glue and varnish all in one and is great for pretty much any project. It makes thinks more durable and water resistant and tends to make things look more proffesional. Have a look on and you can buy it on ebay x x

  3. Very cute. I love the birds...nice job! I'm having a giveaway for a FREE gallon of paint...hope you can join!

  4. Pretty project, a new frame can set such a nice accent to a room! Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Very cute. Your niece will love it!

    Would love for you to drop by this weekend and join Passion for Paint!

  6. That would be a great personalized baby gift! Thanks for sharing such a good idea!