Monday, 21 May 2012

My new garden kits

 Morning all. A really quick post from me today as time is not on my side this week!!. just wanted to share some of the latest things i have been working on with you. First up is some childrens garden sets i have been working on.  Each set includes 3 metal garden tools, garden gloves and metal tin bucket and a drawstring bag to put everything in.  I've had this idea for a while but haven't had time till now to make some.  They have been proving very popular over on my Facebook Page 

 Next up is this wooden photo frame i made for a customer.  love the cute boys name!
 These little kitties are now off to their new home

 And finally my latest crayon roll.  If you want some instructions on how to make these pop over to the fabSkip to me lou

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Fathers Day Idea's

Given its only just over 4 weeks till Fathers Day i thought i would write a post on Fathers Day Idea's.  personally i find most men hard to buy for my dad being no exception!  Even harder than this is trying to find craft projects to make things for them!!.  Anyway here's some of the items i have been making so far:-

If you want some more idea's pop over to my Fathers Day photo album on my Facebook Page .  If you want to share any of my idea's then all i ask is that you link back to this blog of my facebook page.   

Thursday, 10 May 2012

This weeks Crafting

 Today i thought i would share some of the things i've been making this week. First up is something i have been meaning to try for a while now.  I had some plain headbands i bought last year with the intention of jazzing them up.  Until now i haven't had chance to do something with them.  The other night i was sorting through Little Miss G's clothes for our holiday in June and realised she didn't have many headbands that matched her summer clothes.  With this in mind i grabbed my glue gun some ribbone and embellishments and ta dah......  

 This next project was a practise for an order i have.  I have been asked to make a drawstring bag with a see through panel in the front in a childs initial.  I thought i would practise first and came up with this in hello kitty fabric with my little girls intial on.  She loves it and it was really easy to do.  i used vinyl fabric for the panel and made the rest the same as a normal drawstring bag.
 Now how cute is this scottie dog fabric?.  I'm tempted to make another to keep for myself!!
 This last project was inspired by a number of people i know who are pregnant at the moment.  It is a car sign with a sucker on to hang in the window.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Bits and Bobs

Hi guys how is everyone?.  How on earth did we get to May already?. Seriously it seems like yesterday i was cooking Christmas Dinner..... Anyway things have been busy busy busy and i don't seem to have stopped for as long as i can remember.  We go on holiday in a month though and I'm looking forward to doing absolutely nothing for a whole week.  But for now i have lots of orders to be making.  Here's some of my recent makes and as always if you want to make them and need some help drop me an e-mail. 

 This bag is made from lovely minky fabric that i purchased from the lovely Claire over at Cheshire Fabrics
 I thought the bag would look sweet with a detachable owl keyring on so i made this to go with it.
 This photo frame was for a new baby and i think this is my favourite so far.
 I was asked by a lovely lady to create a keepsake hand print frame that she could give as a present. She sent me her son's hand print and i wrote the poem over the hand print then made the frames.
 and finally this is my first attempt at using chalkboard fabric (love it!).  I made this travel chalkboard that can be rolled up.  When i get time i am going to make a chalk roll and drawstring bag  to make it into a little set.