Saturday, 30 October 2010

Free Christmas templates

Yesterday i was making up some stocking fillers and decided to have a play around and design new snowman poop and rudolph noses headers for my packets. This is what i came up with....
  For anyone who wants to make there own i have added the labels i designed below.  Right click on the picture of the label and save picture to your computer.

I made the bags by sewing organza ribbon into a little pouch.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

how to make your own printables

Next week is Lili's birthday and she will be 5.  I have been looking for some cool cupcake toppers and hadn't found any that really stood out and then i came across a great tutorial on themotherhuddle blog which shows you how to make your own printables.  Heres my first attempt but i was just messing about. It is done using picnik.

I'm going to have a go at doing some Christmas labels when i get a minute. 

Staying with the theme of Lili's birthday i have been starting goodie bags for the party and have made these to put in the bags.  They are milkybars wrapped in background paper and i have made a label to stick on - wish i had found picnik when i made these!!!
These are halloween ones i have done as well!!
Last year i bought a green plastic wreath in the sale in Tesco.  I intended on buying christmas bits and jazzing it up for this year.  However i changed my mind and made it into a halloween wreath by spray painting it black and adding embellishments.  i glued them in place with my hot glue gun.

and finally i bought some cute owl stickers from accessorize and made these cards today

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

58 days till Christmas

Today i thought i would give you all a break from yet more halloween makes (although tomorrow i will be blogging about the halloween wreath i have made!!). Its only 58 days till christmas so i thought i had better get cracking with some more Christmas bits.  Today i have made some snowman soup.  The template came from the lovely Helen over at itsallfiddlefart.  If you haven't visited her blog before hop over now as she is amazing.  She makes some fantastic things and is very talented.  Thanks again for the template Helen.  I have made these double sided so there is the same card and poem on the back and the contents sandwiched in between. 

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

More Halloween Makes

Well its half term and raining hard - theres a surprise!!!.  To avoid getting drenched i decided we would occupy ourselves inside today.  Its our Halloween party on sunday so i though i would do some kids crafts with Lili that we could use as decoration for the party.  Here is what we have done so far...

 This paperchain was made from strips of Halloween themed paper and some halloween toppers.
 The tin is a recycled chopped tomato tin covered in halloween paper that i printed from a website (see previous posts for links to lots of blogs that have free printables).  The skull is from a pack of about 10 from home bargains and the cobweb is also from home bargains.

Now we are going to wrap some chocolate bars in halloween paper for in the goody bags.

  We have started to decorate the downstairs of our house with Halloween items.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Crafty Sunday with a halloween theme

This weeks crafty sunday makes are mainly halloween themed.  This is because i had a bit of a mad moment and thought it would be a good idea to have a halloween party next sunday for Lili and all her friends.  The invites have gone out and now i just have to get organised!!.  here is what i have made so far...

 I have made this halloween tin by recycling a chopped tomato tin and using a halloween backing paper.  All you do is cut the backing paper to the right size.  i cut mine to 10.5cm high and approx 25cm wide.  I then added a happy halloween round label that i printed off.  This website has lots of amazing free printables to start you off
I have made little trick or treat sweet bags

These will be the party bags to take home .  i just bought some brown paper bags from home bargains (89p for ten!) and then printed off the trick or treat paper and stuck on with roll on glue.

I have made this sign for on the buffet table

Another trick or treat sample.  I used a plastic test tube then printed off a label onto card and tied a piece of ribbon round the tube then secured the tag on with a brad.

 The wall hanging was from home bargains and i covered it with 3 kinds of backing paper and embellishments.  The boo paper is downloadable free from skip to my lou website.
Phew now i feel a little more organised!!!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Bits & Bobs

This post is going to be short and sweet (because i'm at work on my break and suspect the internet permission will dissappear pretty soon!!).  I just wanted to share some of the things i have made this week starting with this bag made from some curtains..
 I have also made a couple of plaques that were orders
 And here they are wrapped and ready to send
And finally some little stocking fillers for christmas made using backing papers,stickers and bon bons

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

I'm surfing again!!

For the last five days i have been having internet connection problems.  It has been taking 5-10 minutes to load web pages and has been driving me bonkers!!!.  Fingers crossed it seems to have improved so lets hope it stays that way!.  So now i'm back in blogging world i can share my makes from this week.  Halloween is just around the corner and there are some fab papers and accessories around at the moment.  i used some cool free printables from various blogs to make this...

The backing papers are papermania.  Here are just a few blogs with some cool printables if anyone wants to use some.

You can spend hours going through the sites above getting some great ideas.  Anyway i will upload some more of this weeks makes when i get a few spare minutes tomorrow but now i'm off to bed.  Night all!!

Friday, 15 October 2010

Another Christmas Wall Hanging

What a week it has been this week!! Thank goodness its friday.  I have been too budy to do much crafting this week but did manage another Christmas wall hanging...

Monday, 11 October 2010

Successful Craft fair and this weeks makes

Yesterday i did a craft fair at Longridge Big Weekend.  It went really well and i took a number of orders for name plaques as well as selling quite a few things.  i also got asked it i would attend a couple of school fairs so i was really pleased with myself.  The Hanging wall plaque i made in my last post sold in 5 minutes flat so i think i will be making some more of those (i was secretly hoping to keep that one but hey ho!).  My xmas felt decorations were popular and even reindeer food sold even though i thought it would be too early!.

Here is some of the bits i have made earlier this week but didn't get chance to post...

I also made some cute Ruldoph felt heads with googly eyes but they all sold yesterday so i can't show you them!.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Decopatch is the future!

Rencently i went to the creatice craft exhibition in Manchester and there was a fab stall there called the decopatch place .  Now years ago my mother in law went decoupage mad and covered every item in her kitchen with various decoupage prints (i'm really not joking!) so when i saw this stall it reminded me of her.  Laden down with items from the exhibition i decided not to buy anything but to wait a while and order online.  Last week my goodies came (decopatch glue,brush and various papers).  Since then my mind has gone blank and i haven't found anything i want to attack (sorry reform) with the stuff!.  Today i went to Home Bargain and found this:-

I'm sure you can guess what i did next!!!!  Using doublesided sticky tape and empty toilet rolls - ok not really but i did feel like i was on Blue Peter!!

It was so easy to make using some papermania xmas background papers and old xmas cards and of course Decopatch glue.   On the pic the top square looks bumpy but it's not it just hadn't dried when i took the pic!.  Now io have the bug and i'm going to turn into my mother in law and decoupage the wh ole house.  ok maybe not but it is addictive.  For all you hardcore crafters i think this decopatch glue is the same as Mod podge

Thursday, 7 October 2010

How to make a Little girls Name plaque

Today i have had a day off and was looking forward to spending the day chilling and doing bits of sewing.  That went pear shaped after spending the whole night up with toothache and all morning at the emergency dentist!.  Apparently my wisdom tooth has cracked and bits of the sharred tooth have embedded in my gum.  i now have to wait for a hospital appointment so they can take the tooth out (which apparently is in various pieces! - no wonder i'm in agony!).  This week really sucks!.  Anyhow once my antibotics have kicked in i should feel better so i drugged myself with co-codimol and ibroprofen and started some sewing eventually!!

This is what i have made:-

This plaque was so easy to make.  If you want to make one all you need is an oblong canvase, a staple gun, some ribbon and scraps of fabric. This is what you do:-
  •  get an oblong blank canvas and measure around it with a piece of fabric you want to use as your background.  Make sure you leave plenty of border for folding round the back of the canvas block.
  • Cut out letters for the name and any shapes you want on it out of scraps of fabric.  Place the letters on the block to make sure they fit.
  • Attach some interfacing (thin) to the back of the background fabric.
  • Sew on each letter using an embroidery stitch.  i did mine on my machine (because i'm lazy!)
  • Sew on any shapes and then centre the words onto the canvas block.  Starting at one corner use a staple gun to attach the backing fabric to the back of the block
  • Work your way around the block attaching the fabric at suitable intervals at the back.  I did 3 across on each side.
  • Tale a piece of ribbon or cord or whatever you want to use for hanging and staple to the back of the canvas and your done!

At the moment i have a thing for felt.  i think its because it is so easy to work with!.  i made each of these decorations in about 10 minutes.

This pump bag i started last week but finally finished today.  I love the owl fabric so much!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

First xmas decoration and a bad night!

Well first i start with my bad news.  Mr G opened the front door this morning to go to work and found one of the garage doors open!! Yep you guessed it some one has broken in.  Now it could have been a lot worse as all the took was his mountain bike but still really annoying.  The garage is full of stuff so i have no idea why they only took one bike but i'm still miffed about it.  Anyway it did remind me that it is well past a tidy out so that will be this weekends project!!. On a nicer note do you like my first xmas tree decoration i have made?.  I think he is quite cute and gave me an excuse to try out my new computerised machine (which i am loving by the way!).

I think i might try some xmas pud ones next as he was so easy to make!