Tuesday, 29 June 2010

A beach bag for my little girl

We go on holiday in a week and a half (and yes i am counting the days!!) and i thought it would be nice to make Lili her own beach bag so she can carry her own towel,cream,swim shoes etc.  She does have a peppa pig swim bag but its not really big enough for everything.  She had recently talked me into buying some disney princess pvc fabric so i used some of that to make it.

Sunday, 27 June 2010


Howdie everyone,
Its that time of the week when i join in with crafty sunday and agree to share my crafty makes for the week.  Well this week i have made a few things...
Firstly some crayon rolls for my friends childrens birthdays this week. 

This one looks wonky but its not its just got padding on the cream seat under it.

Again the roll isn't wonky just the surface isn't flat!
I have to say they were dead easy to make apart from having to keep measuring every inch for the slots there is nothing technical about it.  If you want to try one the link to the tutorial i used is here
I have also made this pegbag out of a teatowel

And this dress for my little girl.....
This week i am planning on making a beach bag for our hols, a smaller beachbag for lili to carry her towel, some scrunchie bobbles from lili's old school polo shirt and mayber a maxi dress for my hols - ok the last one is a very long shot but you never know!!!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Birthday card

When i first starting crafting i used to make cards all the time.  As the years went by i have experimented with other crafts and these days i don't get much chance to make cards but i do enjoy doing it when i have got the time.  This is one i made for my little girls best friend for her birthday on tuesday.  Its a decoupage girl which i thought looks quite sweet. 

I have been making crayon rolls today so when i get chance i'll take some pics and upload.

Sunday, 20 June 2010


Well its sunday already (where has the week gone) and time to show off any crafty makes for crafty sunday.  I haven't really had much chance for crafting this week as things have been hectic and today is fathers Day so has been a family day. I Did manage to make two handbags this week though and i'm halfway through a dress for my little girl.  Does baking a cake then decorating it count?  Well even if it doesn't i'm still counting it :-).  to say its my first attempt at decorating a cake and it was a bit of a rush job i'm silently pleased with it.

This bag was made using a spare piece of fabric and then a bargin pair of tiebags bought from Dunelm for 25p to make the handle and the bit round the centre. 

This bag was done using the ricrac 1 hour bag tutorial which is a great tutorial to follow as it is simple to follow and a great bag to try if you are a novice (like me!).  If you want to try it here is the link

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Button bracelet

Earlier this year my nan died (i'm full of joy this week aren't i!) and when my mum and her sisters were clearing out my Nans home there were lots of bits and bobs that my mum thought i could put to good crafting use.  In the bag was lots of spare buttons off clothes that she had kept over the years.  Last night i decided that it would be nice to make them into a bracelet and then give it back to my mum as a little something to keep. 

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Mums get well box

Things have been a bit hectic over the last few days. I'm working on a major project at work and my mum went into hospital yesterday.  Her Op went well and hopefully she will be coming out on friday but can't drive for 6 weeks.  Anyway i made her a box of goodies to take to the hospital yesterday which i thought i'd share with you...

I made some scented hearts and stuffed with lavender. I also made some peanut butter cookies and put them in a glass jar filled with pink tissue paper then tied with a ribbon and metal heart.  I added some body butter and hand lotion and a book to the box and made a card.  Then i wrapped the box with ribbon and made a gift tag.

Don't you just love the actual box!. I bought it from Dunelm if anyone fancies getting one. It was a bargain at £2.99 as its quite big and deep.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Ladies i know i'm a few days late sorting this so i apologise but i have had a manic few days.  Anyway i have finally got round to sorting out a list of swap partners for my fabric swap.  Without further ado.....

1. 23rdSpiral & Kandipandi
2. Dizzytina & Danandlee (danables)
3. Fruitloop & Amy(dinah93)
4. Witchwoopiggy & Is it just me (Sarah)
5. Lelly pants & Laalaa (Lynda)
6. Tete en l'air & dosierosie (Gill)
7. Sheyo & Hartfelt (hart44)
8. Georgiabay & Wendy.

Here is a reminder of the basics:-

  • Swap atleast 5 items(as a guide maybe one item could be a fat quarter of fabric or 1m of ribbon, a pin cushion etc

  • Because the discussion started on the MSE forum it would be nice to give it a MSE theme so if possible items that have maybe been recyled i.e. fabric that you bough as a duvet to cut up and use in another project, buttons off an item that you don't wear, fabric given to you from someone else, a charity shop buy etc etc.  You might also want to add in something you have made yourself.
Now then i'm going to need some help here as i'm unsure how everyone is going to get everyone elses e-mail addresses so that they can swap contact details?.  I intend to send a private message to my partner on MSE. Perhaps everyone who is a member on the Moneysavingexpert Forum could do the same.  If there is anyone who isn't on  MSE and can't get their partners e-mail address let me know and i'll try and get it (yes i am technically challenged!!). 

Ok let the fun begin x x

Sunday, 13 June 2010


Well its that time again on sunday when i share with you all crafty things i have made this week.  I have been really busy at work so not had that much time to craft but did manage a few things.  Starting with this beachbag that someone has asked me to make for them.   

Next is another lazy days skirt for my little girl made with some funky fabric bought from here.  She is also wearing the beautiful hairslides made by the very talented kandipandi. if you haven't seen her blog you really should pop over to it.  There is a link on my sidebar.

and finally i went to a candle party on friday night and as a little treat for the hostess i took her some homemade cookies.  Of course i couldn't just give the cookies in a plastic bag so i had to make a little display and attached a scented heart i made.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Come on England!

Well it just had to be done didn't it!.  I thought this was a little more girly than making a flag!!.  i have stuffed it with wadding and dried lavender so it smells girly too!  While i was at it made this...

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Funky fabrics

Just wanted to share my latest fabric purchases! Aren't they cool.  I bought them from patch fabrics and i would recommend checking them out. The delivery is very fast and the prices seem very reasonable.  they came wrapped in lovely tissue paper tied with funky ribbon. If anyone wants to check out their website click here

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Such a kind gift

What i wonderful surprise i had yesterday when i got home from work.  A lovely parcel from a very kind lady off MSE.  The very talented Kandipandi had sent me a parcel full of goodies to keep.  Aren't the items stunning!!!.  My little girl was made up and headed off with the brooch and clips straight away.  I love how effective the little bags are and felt awful having to rip them open (i can hear your evil laugh Kandi!)  I now have to think of a lovely little bundle to thank her for such a kind gesture - Watch this space Kandi! x

Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Today is my first day back at work after being off with my little girl for half term so things are a bit manic and this will be a quick post.  Just wanted to share a picture of some bargain fabric i picked up at Musberry Fabrics over the weekend.  It was reduced down to just £1.98/mtr and is really sweet for anyone doing kids things. 

I have come across a few new blogs over the last few days (well not new but new to me!) and when i get a minute i will do a post on them as they are worth a look at.  Also just a quick reminder the deadline to join in with my fabric swap is on friday.  If you want to join in make sure you click on the link on my sidebar and leave a comment x x

Sunday, 6 June 2010


Earlier this week whilst blog hopping i signed up to Crafty Sunday run by the lovely Maria over on the Me and Ma blog.  Basically all you have to do is agree to show something you have made that week.  Now this weekend my hubby has been away so i have had a few spare nights to do some crafting!!.  So this week i am going to show the bow bag i made.......

It was easy enough to make and i did my first elasticated inside pocket to hold a mobile phone

This is what it looks likes from the back

If you want to make one the tutorial is here

i have also made a bundle of scented hearts stuffed with wadding and dried lavender.  They smell divine!!

Kandi I thought of you when i made the union jack one lol!!

Saturday, 5 June 2010


Today was my neice's birthday and my little one asked if she could make a necklace for her.  She has a large bead set from Tesco (which was great value at £6) and used beads from that and a dog button that she picked whilst we were out shopping for fabric earlier in the week.  She stuck a cute cat picture on some card and wrote on the bottom of the sheet. I punched two holes for her so she could thread the necklace through.  My neice was pleased as punch with it. I was touched that she wanted to make her something that she thought was special and for 4 years old i think she has done well.  She clearly has the crafting bug - iv'e no idea where she gets it from :-)

Thursday, 3 June 2010


I just had to post this picture i took yesterday of my little girl wearing the skirt i made her earlier in the week!.  I was so chuffed when someone asked me where i got my daughters lovely skirt from yesterday when we were out!!  I have to say it does look better when on.  Guess what i will be making later....

Whilst we were out i let Lili pick some fabric to make a skirt and i think she is definately going to take after me as she was obsessed with the buttons on the stall and i ended up buying her some dog, flower and sparkly heart ones.  We spent yesterday afternoon making her a necklace with a bead set she already had.  She has put one of the dog buttons in the middle and it looks quite

Tuesday, 1 June 2010


I'm hoping that the weather improves today so me and Lili can venture out.  Yesterday it rained all day so we had a movie afternoon where we made popcorn holders and then she picked a DVD to watch - Alvin and the chipmunks!!.  After that we did some baking. We started with Jammy Buns taken from The diary of a frugal family blog.  Really easy for children and cost very little.  As you can tell i let lili make the buns - not too bad for a 4 year old!!

Then we made homemade pizza and i let her roll out her base and then put all her toppings on.  Now don't start getting a vision of me being a domestic goddess when i talk about making my own pizza bases.   I have a breadmaker that does it all for you (sorry to break the illusion :-).  If you don't have one i would so recommend getting one.  I have used my constantly since getting it last year and everything tastes so much nicer and you know whats in it.  Pizza dough only takes 45 minutes to do so you can decide at the last minute that you want to make it.  I usually cook half of the dough and freeze for another time as it does a big batch.  Tear and share bread is also devine.


I hope everyone has had a lovely bank holiday weekend.  Of course today is the first day of school holidays and of course its chucking it down here - like i expected anything else!!.  Anyhow my best friend came up from Kent this weekend and called over on sunday.  I showed her the bag i made last week and she loved it so i said she could have it.  I thought it would be nice to make her a matching purse so which i will post onto her.
I also bought Lili some tops from Next for our holiday and was about to buy a red and white skirt to match and then thought what am i doing i can make one just as good (ok probably not as good but i can kid myself!!).  So i made this skirt which is using the lazy days skirt tutorial but using a ribbon for the waist that ties on the outside.