Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Ladies i know i'm a few days late sorting this so i apologise but i have had a manic few days.  Anyway i have finally got round to sorting out a list of swap partners for my fabric swap.  Without further ado.....

1. 23rdSpiral & Kandipandi
2. Dizzytina & Danandlee (danables)
3. Fruitloop & Amy(dinah93)
4. Witchwoopiggy & Is it just me (Sarah)
5. Lelly pants & Laalaa (Lynda)
6. Tete en l'air & dosierosie (Gill)
7. Sheyo & Hartfelt (hart44)
8. Georgiabay & Wendy.

Here is a reminder of the basics:-

  • Swap atleast 5 items(as a guide maybe one item could be a fat quarter of fabric or 1m of ribbon, a pin cushion etc

  • Because the discussion started on the MSE forum it would be nice to give it a MSE theme so if possible items that have maybe been recyled i.e. fabric that you bough as a duvet to cut up and use in another project, buttons off an item that you don't wear, fabric given to you from someone else, a charity shop buy etc etc.  You might also want to add in something you have made yourself.
Now then i'm going to need some help here as i'm unsure how everyone is going to get everyone elses e-mail addresses so that they can swap contact details?.  I intend to send a private message to my partner on MSE. Perhaps everyone who is a member on the Moneysavingexpert Forum could do the same.  If there is anyone who isn't on  MSE and can't get their partners e-mail address let me know and i'll try and get it (yes i am technically challenged!!). 

Ok let the fun begin x x


  1. Ooohh exciting, thanks for organising this I will contact Cate direct. Thanks.
    Kandi x

  2. Oh I missed out on this. I'll look out for the next one. That'll teach me to neglect the blogs!

    I look forward to hearing about what everyone got and does with their new fabric.

    Vicki xxx

  3. Thank you Tina :) Ive had my fabric ready to swap for days now lol.
    I look forward to contacting Sheyo :)
    Hope your mum is ok.
    Sue xx

  4. Thank you Tina have half of the swap ready and have been contacted by hart44 - just wanted to thank you for organising this once again. Hope all is ok with your mum x

  5. Thanks Tina Looks like your lumbered with little ol me!! x

  6. wow! i dont feel worthy of my swap partnr! couldyou remid me ofthe postng date pleas?

  7. Hi Tina. Thanks for organising this but I'm having problems getting hold of Tete en l'air. I can't find an e-mail for her. can you help please?