Sunday, 27 June 2010


Howdie everyone,
Its that time of the week when i join in with crafty sunday and agree to share my crafty makes for the week.  Well this week i have made a few things...
Firstly some crayon rolls for my friends childrens birthdays this week. 

This one looks wonky but its not its just got padding on the cream seat under it.

Again the roll isn't wonky just the surface isn't flat!
I have to say they were dead easy to make apart from having to keep measuring every inch for the slots there is nothing technical about it.  If you want to try one the link to the tutorial i used is here
I have also made this pegbag out of a teatowel

And this dress for my little girl.....
This week i am planning on making a beach bag for our hols, a smaller beachbag for lili to carry her towel, some scrunchie bobbles from lili's old school polo shirt and mayber a maxi dress for my hols - ok the last one is a very long shot but you never know!!!


  1. Great makes Tina, thanks for your swop I have already made my little girl a bracelet out of the beads, and I love the pink spot teatowel fabric you used for your pegbag, hope you received yours ok xx

  2. Those crayon rolls are beautiful, I must make some of those!
    You have a busy week planned with all of those makes, can't wait to see them.
    Kandi x

  3. What great things you have made this week, like the idea of the name on the pencil roll :)

  4. The crayon rolls are a fantastic idea. I've got 2 little nieces coming to stay so I might have a go at those. Look froward to next weeks goodies.

  5. Crikey, you've been busy. Love the crayon rolls - they're an excellent idea. You've inspired me! Love your blog. I'm your newest follower!