Monday, 11 October 2010

Successful Craft fair and this weeks makes

Yesterday i did a craft fair at Longridge Big Weekend.  It went really well and i took a number of orders for name plaques as well as selling quite a few things.  i also got asked it i would attend a couple of school fairs so i was really pleased with myself.  The Hanging wall plaque i made in my last post sold in 5 minutes flat so i think i will be making some more of those (i was secretly hoping to keep that one but hey ho!).  My xmas felt decorations were popular and even reindeer food sold even though i thought it would be too early!.

Here is some of the bits i have made earlier this week but didn't get chance to post...

I also made some cute Ruldoph felt heads with googly eyes but they all sold yesterday so i can't show you them!.


  1. Well done gives a buzz doesn't it when somebody loves your items enough to buy them.

  2. This was the cinnamon fillings i think :)
    I saw it on someone elses blog and ordered them at the weekend

    Em xxx

  3. Well done - I bet you had a fab time. With the extra orders coming in you are gonna be busy! Wouldn't it be nice to give up work and do this full time.... *Kandi dreams*.
    Kandi x