Friday, 8 October 2010

Decopatch is the future!

Rencently i went to the creatice craft exhibition in Manchester and there was a fab stall there called the decopatch place .  Now years ago my mother in law went decoupage mad and covered every item in her kitchen with various decoupage prints (i'm really not joking!) so when i saw this stall it reminded me of her.  Laden down with items from the exhibition i decided not to buy anything but to wait a while and order online.  Last week my goodies came (decopatch glue,brush and various papers).  Since then my mind has gone blank and i haven't found anything i want to attack (sorry reform) with the stuff!.  Today i went to Home Bargain and found this:-

I'm sure you can guess what i did next!!!!  Using doublesided sticky tape and empty toilet rolls - ok not really but i did feel like i was on Blue Peter!!

It was so easy to make using some papermania xmas background papers and old xmas cards and of course Decopatch glue.   On the pic the top square looks bumpy but it's not it just hadn't dried when i took the pic!.  Now io have the bug and i'm going to turn into my mother in law and decoupage the wh ole house.  ok maybe not but it is addictive.  For all you hardcore crafters i think this decopatch glue is the same as Mod podge


  1. Your post made me smile because I was the same as your mum. Every week I brought home more junk from the boot sale then painted and decoupaged it. I still have some of it somewhere! Love your transformation xx

  2. How creative!! They look really good! x

  3. Ooooo thats another page bookmarked!
    I've got some wooden cats that would look fab done up