Tuesday, 5 October 2010

First xmas decoration and a bad night!

Well first i start with my bad news.  Mr G opened the front door this morning to go to work and found one of the garage doors open!! Yep you guessed it some one has broken in.  Now it could have been a lot worse as all the took was his mountain bike but still really annoying.  The garage is full of stuff so i have no idea why they only took one bike but i'm still miffed about it.  Anyway it did remind me that it is well past a tidy out so that will be this weekends project!!. On a nicer note do you like my first xmas tree decoration i have made?.  I think he is quite cute and gave me an excuse to try out my new computerised machine (which i am loving by the way!).

I think i might try some xmas pud ones next as he was so easy to make!


  1. Wow!! He's gorgeous. Love all the stitching.
    Sorry to here about your OH's bike. So frustrating. Jaqui x

  2. He's fab! I'm hoping to make some little tree hangers this year but hadn't thought of gingerbread men! Sorry about the bike too :(

  3. Oh the swines!! Sorry to hear about that. Your gingerbread man is a cutie and I am starting to panic a bit seeing all of this christmas craft!! Arggghhhh!!!
    Kandi x