Thursday, 7 October 2010

How to make a Little girls Name plaque

Today i have had a day off and was looking forward to spending the day chilling and doing bits of sewing.  That went pear shaped after spending the whole night up with toothache and all morning at the emergency dentist!.  Apparently my wisdom tooth has cracked and bits of the sharred tooth have embedded in my gum.  i now have to wait for a hospital appointment so they can take the tooth out (which apparently is in various pieces! - no wonder i'm in agony!).  This week really sucks!.  Anyhow once my antibotics have kicked in i should feel better so i drugged myself with co-codimol and ibroprofen and started some sewing eventually!!

This is what i have made:-

This plaque was so easy to make.  If you want to make one all you need is an oblong canvase, a staple gun, some ribbon and scraps of fabric. This is what you do:-
  •  get an oblong blank canvas and measure around it with a piece of fabric you want to use as your background.  Make sure you leave plenty of border for folding round the back of the canvas block.
  • Cut out letters for the name and any shapes you want on it out of scraps of fabric.  Place the letters on the block to make sure they fit.
  • Attach some interfacing (thin) to the back of the background fabric.
  • Sew on each letter using an embroidery stitch.  i did mine on my machine (because i'm lazy!)
  • Sew on any shapes and then centre the words onto the canvas block.  Starting at one corner use a staple gun to attach the backing fabric to the back of the block
  • Work your way around the block attaching the fabric at suitable intervals at the back.  I did 3 across on each side.
  • Tale a piece of ribbon or cord or whatever you want to use for hanging and staple to the back of the canvas and your done!

At the moment i have a thing for felt.  i think its because it is so easy to work with!.  i made each of these decorations in about 10 minutes.

This pump bag i started last week but finally finished today.  I love the owl fabric so much!


  1. Aww that is so pretty. Hope your toothache eases soon too. Jaqui x

  2. It's lovely and I love the Christmas decs! Hope your tooth is better soon - I winced just reading that! xx

  3. That toothache sounds horrid. I love the name plaque and the felt decs too. I wish I had a whizzy machine that did embroidery stitches.xx

  4. Such lovely makes, especially the name plaque x

  5. Love the Xmas decs - feeling a bit festive already!

  6. Thanks everyone. the tooth is still giving me jip just hope they hurry my hospital appointment up!. Helen your hand sewn embroidery looks miles more fab than my machine any day lovi x