Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Bits and Bobs

Hi guys how is everyone?.  How on earth did we get to May already?. Seriously it seems like yesterday i was cooking Christmas Dinner..... Anyway things have been busy busy busy and i don't seem to have stopped for as long as i can remember.  We go on holiday in a month though and I'm looking forward to doing absolutely nothing for a whole week.  But for now i have lots of orders to be making.  Here's some of my recent makes and as always if you want to make them and need some help drop me an e-mail. 

 This bag is made from lovely minky fabric that i purchased from the lovely Claire over at Cheshire Fabrics
 I thought the bag would look sweet with a detachable owl keyring on so i made this to go with it.
 This photo frame was for a new baby and i think this is my favourite so far.
 I was asked by a lovely lady to create a keepsake hand print frame that she could give as a present. She sent me her son's hand print and i wrote the poem over the hand print then made the frames.
 and finally this is my first attempt at using chalkboard fabric (love it!).  I made this travel chalkboard that can be rolled up.  When i get time i am going to make a chalk roll and drawstring bag  to make it into a little set.


  1. As always everything is lovely! I love that chalk fabric, not as difficult to use as I was expecting!

  2. I didn't know you could get chalkboard fabric, that's very cool! i love the handprint frame too, it looks like a lovely keepsake.

  3. I know what you mean about time going so fast, I don't know when one week ends and another is starting just lately.
    I love the chalkboard fabric idea :)
    Love you stuff you do no wonder you are busy :)
    Sue x

  4. These are seriously too stinkin adorable! I love the frame!
    I am hosting an under 300 followers blog hop and hope you hop over and join in the fun!