Monday, 26 March 2012

What Glorious Weather

How gorgeous is the lovely sunshine we have had all weekend?.  I love it. Everything seems better with sunshine doesn't it?.  We made the most of it on Sunday and took little Miss G to out local adventure park and then went out to our favourite restaurant for tea.Lets hope it stays like this for a while.
So what crafting have you all been up to?.  I have been on random projects this week including:-
 This first two photo's are gifts for my friend who's foster children are changing school and she wanted a thank you gift for the teachers
 At the moment I'm loving making photo frames.  They are so much fun to do and easy enough for anyone to try.  The good think is that you can use any scrap embellishments up too.  These two were for a lady who has twin girls called poppy and daisy and she had seen a a poppy photo frame i had made and asked if i could do another and also a daisy themed one too.
 This last one is an IPhone case in lovely Cath Kidston stanley fabric. One day i will get round to make one of these for myself to keep!.


  1. Wow, lovely makes, the pegs are gorgeous and I love that little case xx

  2. Hi, your stuff is all lovely. I'd like to make my mum a nice photo frame with a pic of the kids it, can I ask where you buy the frames for? I'm thinking of making one for all the females in my family for Xmas. All the ones I've seen are either expensive or laminated so I can't paint them. Xx