Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Mothers Day Ideas

Hi Everyone hope you are all ok.  Sorry for my prolonged absence but things have been so busy recently.  I usually write my posts on a sunday night and just schedule them to appear on my blog during the week as i don't get a lot of spare time in the week.  Over the last month i haven't even had half an hour on a sunday night to write!  Anyway i'm here now and have scheduled some more posts so i won't be going AWOL again (well not for a while atleast!!). 

Given its almost Mothers Day (over here in the uk don't panic yet any of my US followers!) i thought i'd share some of my latest Mothers Day projects.  If you need any help or advice on how to make them just drop me an e-mail or if you don't want to make them yourself pop over to my Facebook Page or my Folksy Shop and have a browse at what i have on offer for Mums and Grandma's!.

 This trinket box was an order but i really like how it turned out so i might make my mum one (if i get chance!!)

 My latest Fad is chalkboard paint which i have now discovered in lots of fab colours so no doubt you will be seeing lots more chalkboard projects from me!


  1. Wow, your stuff you make is so pretty, I love your hand writing too, makes the items look special xx

  2. Wooo my moms heart! Looking forward to giving it to her tomorrow x

  3. I love what you is all very lovely. But can I just point out that you shouldn't have put an apostrophe in " grandmas". It's a plural word, which doesn't need an apostrophe. They are just for possessions ( grandma's stockings are wrinkly) or for a missing letter ( grandma's my favourite person) I'm an English teacher so dodgy apostrophes jump out at me!