Thursday, 27 January 2011

I'm not worthy

What a lovely surprise i had when the very talented amanda from city girl gone coastal commented on one of my posts and told me that she had nominated me for a stylish blogger award.  I am so pleased so thank you so much lovie.  there are a few rules attached which i will run through in a mo but first if you haven't visited Amanda's blog before go and take a peek she has some fab idea's and is very talented.

Now back to the award.  Here are the rules:-
1. thank and link back to the person who awarded you the award.
2.Share 7 things about yourself
3. Nominate 15 blogs you have recently discovered
4. Contact these blogs and let them know.

So heres my 7 things......

1. I was caught up in the middle of the london Bombings and if i hadn't been pregnant at the time (meaning a weak bladder and a trip to the train station toilets!!) i would have been on the bus that blew up.  My train from Manchester arrived in London at 9am and i was about to walk out and get on the bus (which i later found out blew up) but being nearly 7 months pregenant i needed a toilet trip as any pregnant women knows when baby is pressing on your bladder you have no chance of keeping it in!.  When i came out of the toilets there were chaous.  I went out to get the bus(wanted the tube but the Police had closed it) outside the station but the driver closed the door right in front of me as people were just jumping on and it was jam packed.  i started walking (and had to walk 14 miles to get to my meeting in the end!) and then found out on the news later that day that i was due to get on that bus!!. 
2. I have broke my wrist 4 times - i am very accident prone!!
3. On my first wedding annivesary we got evacuated back to the UK from Dominian Republic after getting caught in a hurricane that completely destroyed our complex.  I guess you are working out by now i'm not the luckiest of people ha!.
4. I can't drink wine (amanda i copied this off you as it also applies to me!) it just doesn't agree with me.  After one glass i am slurring and i turn into a gibbering wreck!.  Now Vodka thats a different matter..
5.As a student training to be a Civil Engineer i used to work for Ann Summers...
6. I love Cats.  I only have one (though we used to have 2 but one got run over) now and she is 16 but still looks like a kitten. If i wasn't married i'd probably end up an old women with a house full of cats!
7.I hate ironing.  Even the word annoys me!.  I don't suppose many people love it but i really hate it.  I try and do mine as soon as a wash has dried as the thought of a mountain of it to do would fill me with dread.  if i ever win the lottery i am so sending it out to a professional ironer!!.

Now for 15 blogs i have recently discovered.  this is tricky as i follow so many fantatstic blogs but as its recent ones it makes it slightly(only a little) easier.  these are all amazing blogs and miles better and creative than mine so go check them out.



  1. Oh dear, you have been unlucky - but amazingly fortunate too!
    Kandi x

  2. Oh my god to number one ... not least the fact you walked 14 miles whilst seven months pregnant! I'd have got on the train home! x

  3. Me again, just popping back to say *~THANKS ~* x
    I have emailed you.
    Kandi xx