Wednesday, 22 December 2010

3 more sleeps!

Ok can someone please tell me where December has gone!.  i have been fairly organised all year then suddenly there are 3 days left and i have loads to do!.  it doesn't help that Lili has been ill again!  Every weekend in December so far.  This time was a bad ear infection which got worse when she had a bad allergic reaction to the antibiotics.  All of one side of her face ballooned and was a real mess so a nice trip to A&E on monday night!.  Anyway i am feeling slightly less stressed now as i have finished all my orders so i can now concentrate on finishing presents!.  The picture above  is one of the pump bag and crayon roll sets i have just made.  I did another 2 the same but with different names on for my Auntie.
This Peter Rabbit bag i have made for my friends little boy and have filled it with books - including one autographed by the author who came into Lili's school last month.  I have made him a personalised notepad, crayons and eraser for in the front pockets along with pencils and a sharpener.  Hope he likes them!

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