Saturday, 18 December 2010

Lovely gesture

Well the snow is definately back in lancashire!.  Now i love the snow but why does it always come when you have lots to do and places to go!.  Today is Lili's first dance show so we have to try and make it out to that but to add to the stress she had a sleepover at Rod's aunties last night who lives about 20 miles away so we have to try and get over there and back again and then out to the show!.  I have to praise our Council who are fantastic and making sure the main roads are gritted and cleared - and they even did some of our estate the other week.  lets just hope we can get off the cul de sac and out of the estate.  Anyway before i forget i had a lovely surprise in the post on thursday.  In with a bundle of cards was one from the lovely kandi with a gorgeous heart decoration in.  Thank you hun i know you aren't posting at the moment but thanks for the lovely gesture and i hope you are a coping with your sadness (i'm sending a big hug for you).

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  1. You are very welcome honey! Hope you get to the show with the snow, it has finally gone up here but we have sheet ice everywhere, I am longing for summer now !
    Have a fab Christmas
    Kandi x