Sunday, 4 July 2010

My first ever tutorial for an oversized beach bag

Ok fingers crossed this works.  i think i have managed to upload my tutorial on how to make the beachbag i made earlier this week.  This is my first tutorial so bear with me as i tend to waffle and go off at a tangent!!.  After spending hours last night trying to figure out how to put a pdf file in a post it took me 5 minutes today when i worked it out (thats if it has worked of course!!)  I uploaded it as a PDF file to a website called and then that gave me an embeded code to put in this post - confused ? i am !!!.  Anyhoo hopefully it works.  Can someone let me know if it has and if the tutorial is ok or is there anything obvious missing.

Oversized Beach Bag Tutorial by Dizzytina


  1. Thats a great tutorial Tina! What size of needle did you use on the vinyl and was it wasy to sew with. I fancy making some toilet bags with it but never too sure if its more difficult. Love your bag and thanks again for your tutorial. Might have to give it a go. - Pootle Flump x

  2. oops, that was meant to say "was it easy". x

  3. You clever thing! Its brill I may attempt this one day, I will add it to my list :)
    Kandi x

  4. Brill Tina :) I am going to have a go at this (time willing lol).
    Love the bag :)

  5. Thanks guys. I just used the same needle as i do for fabric(size 17 i think) and it is easy to sew with as its not that thick. Sometimes it slips a little if you are lazy like me a don't pin half the time :-)x