Friday, 2 July 2010

Possibly the biggest beach bag ever!!

I go on holiday in 8 days (cue lots of cheering!!) and need a new beachbag.  Now every year i look for a suitable beachbag and end up trying to force three beach towels, creams, hats, books, wim shoes, armbands etc etc into one bag which by the end of the holiday usually ends up in the bin!!.  This year i thought i would make myself a really large one to fit everything in.  Now i may have gone abit overboard as it is possibly the biggest beach bag ever!!! Still there should be no problem fitting everything but the kitchen sink in!. Of course i have also made Lili her own so there isn't the need for half the stuff in mine....
Anyway for anyone who is interested i will be doing my first ever tutorial on this tomorrow (i will probably scale down the measurements so you don't end up with a bag big enough to sleep in!).


  1. fab bay Tina!- big bags are great especially if you have a couple of kids!

  2. Gorgeous! cant wait for the tutorial xx

  3. I love it, it looks great, and a beach bag can't be too big, ours has wheels its so large we drag it to the beach, not kidding!
    Is that red spotty vinyl it's lovely. How was that to sew?
    Kandi x

  4. Love the bag and the bigger the better when you have children. I have purchased a large CK holdall for my lot!!

    Kerry xxxx

  5. Lovely bag Tina. Spotty lining looks ace! -Pootleflump x

  6. Yes the red spotty is vinyl Kandi and was easy to sew. Can be a bit slippy but i didn't really have any probs with it. ha i can just imagine you wheeling your bag along the beach!