Thursday, 21 June 2012

Happy Holidays

Sorry for my noted absence recently but we have been off sunning ourselves in Gran Canaria.  It was a well needed break after i have been so so busy this year.  Having said that we nearly didn't get there!.  4 months ago when i booked flights i checked my passport to make sure it hadn't expired - no 5 years left.  Now because i renew the passports at the same time then i didn't both to check any others BIG mistake!!!.  It didn't dawn on me that Lili's is only for 5 years because she's a child!!!!  So 4 days before going when i go to enter the pre flight information online i almost have a panic attack!!!.  Ok keep calm i'll just ring Liverpool passport office and spend a whole day (that i don't really have to spare!) sorting out a new one.  Oh no those days are long gone when i rung up the passport central number i was told they offered a same day service and a weeks service at all offices.  I explained it was less than a week till we go so could i have a same day appointment please.  Apparently not as as the next available appointment at liverpool was in 2 weeks time (erm why are people being booked in to a same day service when they fly in over a weeks time surely thats what the week service is for!!). To cut a long story short the only uk office with a same day appointment before we were going was Belfast!!!.  So off i flew to sunny Belfast (and it really was) to get little Miss G's passport renewed.  Alls well that ends well but not an experience i want to repeat!!!.


  1. Oh my goodness, what a palaver! Seems ridiculous that 1 day appointments are booked up so far in advance, but well done on getting it sorted, I'd have gone into full blown flap!

    Hope you enjoyed the holiday, you picked a good time for it, weather here has been abysmal!

  2. Oh no, you must have been so stressed! You would have been ready for a holiday by the time you got there. x