Wednesday, 10 August 2011

My Latest Obsession - Pinterest

Recently i joined Pinterest and i love it.  For anyone who hasn't heard of Pinterest its like a virtual noticeboard that you pin things to.  I have several boards in my space and when i like something online i pin it. A bit like bookmarking with photo's and in handy reference folders...  For example i have a craft projects board and any craft projects i come across i pin to there and can link to in one easy click.  You can follow others and repin their projects and ideas.  If you are on why not come and follow me here.  If you don't want to follow me still come and have a peek at my boards and tell me what you think.  I'll warn you though it is seriously addictive!!!


  1. I've heard so much about it but not tried it yet...must have apeek and see!

    BH x

  2. I love pinterest too its such a lovely way to keep all your favourite things together!!!

  3. Im following you now Tina. Thanks for your message. I keep forgetting about pinning stuff so my pinboard is very embarrassing! I do like trawling round and seeing what everyone else has pinned though. Some yummy stuff on there! x