Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Picking your brains!!

Ok fellow bloggers i have a quick question which i'm hoping someone can answer.  When i leave a comment on someone Else's blog i usually get a lovely reply in my e-mails from the blogger which i think is lovely.  How the hell do i do it?  I can't seem to find any link or any way of replying to any ones comments on my posts other than to reply as a comment on the post under the post's comments!  Now i am technically challenged so someone please tell me in simpleton terms how i do it so i can send you an e-mail reply to any comments you leave on my posts??


  1. there is a way of tinkering with the html but it still doesn't tell the other person that you have replied. i just googled blogger-replying to comments, there are several options that people have written.
    if you really want the option i thing you'd have to change blog service provider.

  2. Hello, If you go to dashboard then settings, then comments tab,scroll down to comment notification email and pop your email address in there. Hopefully when someone leaves a comment it will pop up in your emails and you just reply from the message. Some people are no reply bloggers which means they haven`t added their email to reply to but most people have so you should be able to. Hope this helps.

  3. how odd i left a message but it seems to have disappeared but my message said the same as love from poppy hope that helps