Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Christmas Countdown week 2

This weeks Christmas Countdown post is two easy peasy 5 minute projects that are great if you have little kiddo's. For the first one all you need is a plastic or old no longer needed key, some card or a wooden tag and some stickers and glitter. Put them together and you have a magic key to leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve. 

There are lots of thrift/ discount stores that sell Christmas Santa keys though most of the ones i have found look cheap and a bit ghastly.  You could use one of those and just pimp it up a bit with extra glitter and a tag to make it look nicer.  I found my plastic key on eBay then just added glue and glitter and painted a wooden tag and used a gel pen to write on it. 

The second project is reindeer food which is basically oats with added edible glitter added for a bit of sparkle.  Now please make sure you use edible glitter in any you make to ensure its save for wildlife that may eat the oats you sprinkle.  There are lots of different ways of storing your reindeer food. Some people use sealed bags, some use drawstring bags and i have used round cardboard boxes painted before embellishing.   

Now i can't say much more yet but very soon i will be holding a fabulous giveaway so keep your eyes peeled early next week to get your hands on an amazing prize.....


  1. These are such cute ideas, I know what you mean about some of the keys around, eek!
    A great reminder too about using edible glitter don't want to wake up Christmas morning to any any nasty surprises!!

  2. Lovely makes, I remember putting reindeer food out for the boys when they were little :0)
    Your writing is always really neat, that's where I would fail at this craft!
    Kandi x

  3. I love the idea of a magic key. We always left something out for Santa and a carrot for the reindeer.

  4. I love the santa key :)
    I wish I could write as neatly as you lol.
    I just love seeing your makes, well done Tina :)
    Sue x

  5. Aw these are gorgeous! great makes x

  6. The Santa key is brilliant, looks lovely xx