Tuesday, 14 June 2011

First Fair of the year and some Fathers day makes

Yesterday I did my first fair of the year. It didn’t start off well as when I arrived I found that they were also holding a car boot sale on the same site as well as the Scarecrow Festival. Had I known that I wouldn’t have agreed to a stall as car boot sales don’t really attract the kind of customer that is willing to pay a fair price for handcrafted goods. Anyway I was told to set up my stall in the field next to Linda who is a lovely soap maker. When I asked about cover they said its ok if it starts to rain you can come under the marquee we are saving for the Mayor!!. Bear in mind the Mayor wasn’t attending till 3pm to announce some competition winners!. After a lot of messing about they finally let us use half of the marquee. In the end I did ok and sold quite a few items but we ended up packing up by 12pm as it was raining quite hard so all the carbooters had gone and with them the customers!. We also got a £10 refund for the stalls which I think was quite fair given we had paid £25 each and the car booters paid £6!!. Anyway here is a pic of my stall….

This Sunday is Fathers Day and last week I was really busy making Fathers Day related orders from my folksy shop and Facebook page. Here’s a few items that may give you some idea’s that you might want to try and make yourself and if not feel free to visit my Folksy shop.


  1. Sorry your sale was a bit of a wash out but your stall looks fab - lots of gorgeous makes xx

  2. Yes I think your stall looks fab too, I would have come and bought something if I had been there xx

  3. Shame about the fair. The gingerbread man is lovely :)