Thursday, 23 June 2011

Looking to the future

As most of you probably know I have been trading on Folksy since earlier this year and things have been going ok. My shop has all my crafty makes in which are mainly fabric and wooden items. I recently started making candles (which has been on my to do list for like forever!) and have decided to start selling those too after a request on my facebook page. Now here was my dilemma do I add them to my original scratchycat shop or start a new one separately?. From a promotional point of view it would make things easier and make more sense to add it to my existing shop as that is now well established. However never being one to take the easy option I have decided to start up a separate shop in which I will just stock my candles, tealights ,wax melts etc. I think this looks better and is a candle onestopshop so to speak. Here are a few items I have stocked so far…

  Yummy smelling baby powder melts and fresh linen scented melts.
 Honeysuckle melts
 delicious chocolate scented tealights
 Lavender scented tealights.

I have decided only to use natural products such a soy wax and esential oils so that they are good to the environment. If you get a minute would you pop over and take a peek at it as I would love any comments anyone might have…..


  1. Wow! they look great Tina :) I can almost smell them :) wishing you lots of luck with them in your shop too :)
    Sue x

  2. Thanks sue. Hope you are doing ok. Forgot to ask did my little parcel reach you ok? X x

  3. They look lovely, well done xx