Friday, 10 June 2011

Touching Base

Just i quick post tonight to touch base.  It has been such a busy week.  i have a craft fair on sunday and typically have had a really busy week with lots of orders to make up.  So far this week i have had 20 orders which don't get me wrong is fab but as i have a craft fair to do on sunday it is eating into my stock so i have spent most of the week trying to make up more stock.  Anyway here is a few of the things i have made to replenish my folksy shop stock.

 Meet Maisy the sock mon key.  If you want a copy of the instructions to make your owm just drop me an e-mail to


  1. I love everything, but especially the owl and sock monkey :)

  2. Lovely blog. Maisie is very cute. Lovely creations. Linda from UniquelyYours.