Tuesday, 17 May 2011

All things smelly

Today's post is about a couple of new crafts i have tried out recently.  The first is candle making.  This craft has been on my list to try for years and i never seem to get round to it. Anyway after some fab advice off the lovely Lisa over at Kandipandi's pad i bit the bullet bought a kit of ebay containing soy wax,colouring,fragrance oil and melt trays and made some wax melts.  I have to say i can't believe how easy it was and now I'm addicted!!.

 I also made some heart shaped melts using a silicone ice cube tray.
 At weekend we went to visit my best friend in Kent.  i always like to take something homemade along so i decided to make some hand scrub.  Such an easy project it will only take you 5 minutes to rustle it up.
If you want to make some you will need 2 1/2 cups of sugar (i mixed brown and white), 1 cup of sunflower oil and 4 teaspoons of vanilla extract. Mix it all together in a big bowl and then put into a jar.

 I made this jar by taking an empty plastic jar which had a horrible red lid and added scrapbook paper to the lid then stuck a ribbon around the edge. then i decorated a wooden tag with paper and wrote on it in marker.  i made a paper flower and added a brad to the centre and stuck on the top of the tag then tied with raffia tape.


  1. So glad you tried it yourself! Your scrub looks fab too, bet it would be great on rough old feet too (like mine):)
    Kandi x

  2. What a lovely gift! scrubs are always useful in any girls bathroom and even better when it's home made :)
    Im loving all you craft makes Tina :) :)
    Sue x

  3. I'm going to try that scrub, sounds wonderful.

  4. Oh brilliant! Both of these things are on my list of things to try. I've got a hand scrub recipe and a candlemaking kit I've been dying to try but never seem to find the time!

  5. I have been wanting to make hand scrub for ages! thanks for sharing

  6. That's really all it takes to make scrub? I'm definitely going to try it! :)

  7. Hi Tina, What kit did you use for the candles? Do you have a linky you can mail me? I want to try candle making (and soap making) but dont really know where to start!! Im planning on going to a course in September but fancy having a bash at it beforehand. x

  8. We made some samples of the scrub to see if we want to give it away to new guests at our church. We each kept a jar and I have used mine on a few different occasions. It works wonderfully on my hands. I haven't tried my feet yet, but that sounds like a plan. We may also change it up a bit for around Christmas and use only white sugar with peppermint oil instead of the vanilla to see how that works. I plan to make some as my gift for ladies at work this year and probably for family members, as well. :) Thank you!