Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Ipod case

 Today's post is on how to make an ipod case.  This little project is really easy to do and only takes about 45 minutes (ok less if you aren't as slow as me!).
 I have been meaning to use this funky fabric for a while and I'm glad i did.
Ok want to make one.  First lay your ipod and earphones (rolled up) flat on the floor next to each other and measure the height and width then add at least an inch on each side i.e. 2" to the height and 2" to the width.  Then cut out 2 pieces of outer fabric and 2 of inner fabric. I used interfacing to make mine a bit sturdier. Next with right sides facing together sew round 3 sides of the outer fabric pieces leaving the top side open.   Turn out the right way. Then take lining pieces and do the same leaving a small gap along the bottom edge (about 1"). Take a small piece of ribbon and thread it through a lobster clasp keyring. Take the outer fabric and place it inside the lining fabric and take the 2 ribbon ends and place between the lining and the outer fabric making sure the keyring is facing down and the ends of the ribbon are facing out of the bag.  Then sew along the top edge right the way round.  Now turn right way out through the small gap in the lining at the bottom.  I then added ribbon to the front with fabric glue.

Still waiting to make an owl cushion?  The tutorial should be ready tomorrow hopefully x x


  1. Thanks for the instructions looking forward to the owl tutorial xx

  2. Great ipod cases thanks for sharing this with us.