Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Shabby Chic Memo board

This weekend i did a 2 day craft fair at Backridge Farm near Clitheroe.  This is the second time i have done this venue and the people are lovely.  This time there were some new cake ladies who had made some amazing cakes and bakes!.  I had taken a mix of items with me but ended up selling out of sock monkeys in the first half an hour. I then spent saturday night finishing off half made ones to take on sunday and those sold out just as fast!!.  Overall it was a good weekend and although it wasn't constantly busy i did rather well overall. 

I have made a number of new things recently but didn't get chance to photograph them before the fair at weekend and most have now sold!.  However i do have a picture of a pin board i have made that i didn't take at weekend as it wasn't quite finished.
It was a trial and error experiment but i love it now its finished.  Underneath the dotty fabric is a cork mat (which was a cheap wood noticeboard from wilkinson's originally until i pulled it apart!)  Just need to make some fabric pins for it now.

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  1. Thats lovely, well done with the craft fair and selling the monkeys xx