Friday, 20 January 2012

Blog Planner organising sheet

How organised are you?  Personally I’m a woman of lists.  I live by them.  Each day I write a daily list and anything not completed gets carried over to the next day.  It kinda works but I do sometimes have an item that just keeps carrying over for ages.  Last year I created a home file which has dividers in for different topics such as travel, food, parties etc.  It has served its purpose well but has been so well used it has fallen apart.  This week I’m going to start again and make a new one. Whilst looking for inspiration I found a few articles on blog planners.  Keeping on top of your blog can take up time and given spare time is sparse in our house I have decided to create my own blog planner to help organise myself. I tend to write all my posts for the week on a sunday and then choose the schedule option so that they appear as a post randomly during the week. I find it easier to do schedule posts as i just wouldn't get the chance in the week to update my blog and do live posts.  Some people prefer to write posts as and when they have done something or have something to say which is great if you have the time.  Because my posts are all written and uploaded on a sunday i do sometimes miss spontaneity but hey ho!. Anyway if anyone does want a copy of my blog planner I have uploaded it . Not sure why but the photo below doesn't show the text but if you click on the link below you can see the correct version.
Just click here for a copy

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