Thursday, 5 January 2012

What's on your to do list for 2012?

Happy New Year everyone. Are you one of those people who makes New Years resolutions or not? As a rule I don’t really tend to make new year resolutions as they tend to end up more like a to do list for the first week in January!. Having said that there are certain things I would like to work towards this year. The first is expanding and growing my Scratchycat craft business. At some point this week I need to sit down and write some goals and a business plan on how I aim to do this. I have a few ideas in the pipeline but need to work them out on paper. More importantly I need to become better organised. I always thought I was a fairly organised person until things became really busy before Christmas and then I realised I really wasn’t prepared for the rush!.

Now then have you all managed to get any crafting in yet?. I have managed a couple of projects so far.

They are pressie's for my little niece.

This week I am going to be working on Valentine’s Day projects and some IPad cases so I’ll pop up some pics when I have finished. If I get chance I might also do a tutorial for the ipad case.

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  1. I love the door hanger, you have inspired me!