Monday, 23 January 2012

This weekends crafting

 Today i thought i'd share a couple of things i made this weekend.  First up is a sock monkey called Bernard!
 Next up is some ceramic coasters. One is birthday present and the other i might put up for Valentine's Day.
 This last one is a plaque that a friend of mine asked me to make.  She has a friend who is a beautician and works from home and she wanted a sign to hang on the treatment door.
  So what have all you guys been making this weekend?


  1. Lovely makes, I have been making some cushions, well, I have made a start on them.

  2. Hello :-) I am just before you on Hookin with La La's craft box tour :-) Just thought I would say hi and hook up with you to get your address when needs be :-) x

  3. I love sock monkey's they are just so cute! Only made a couple myself and I really should make some more!

  4. Loving the plaques! Do you do tutorials??xx