Thursday, 10 February 2011

Cricut original for sale

Morning everyone today i am going to hospital to have one of my wisdom teeth out. I'm not looking forward to it at all!!. There is a piece of it stuck in my gum (in the wrong place) so i will have to have some stitches once they have removed the pieces ouch!. Anyway if i go absent for a few days you know why.

 Earlier this week i mentioned i have splashed out on a Cricut Expression atlast. This means its time to say goodbye to my lovely Cricut original cutting machine. I am intending on listing it on ebay on sunday but thought that i would offer it to anyone in blogland who wants to buy it first as i'd rather it went to someone who will make good use of it. If you haven't heard of cricut (why on earth not!) this is so an amazing machine and so so simple to use. I bought it 2 years ago originally for card making but didn't realise that it doesn't just cut card and paper it cuts fabric,vinyl and other materials and also the blade can be replaced with pens to colour instead of cut. I really can't rave enough about Cricut (hence why i am now splashing out on the bigger expression). The cricut original cuts shapes in various sizes from 1" up to 5" tall and upto 11.5"wide. I will be including the george and basic cartyridges which cuts all letters of the alphabet and popular shapes (hearts,flowers,squares etc) plus popular phrases like thanks etc. It also cuts tags and loads of other things. If you look at some of my recent sewing projects i have used my cricut to cut the animal shapes and letters for names in fabric. I will also include a couple of cutting mats for you of which one is brandnew (i will be getting a new one in my expression pack). It will all come in its original box and is in excellent condition. I want £80 plus Postage for it. i'm not sure how much postage will be as it is heavy so i would guess atleast £10 so bear that in mind. I will find the cheapest rate to post it though. If anyone is interested in buying it or has any questions just drop me an e-mail to


  1. Will be thinking of you today and sending virtual hugs. It will soon be over xx

  2. Good luck on your surgery! Hope you get some well deserved rest during your recovery.

  3. Poor thing hope it goes well for you.
    kandi x