Friday, 11 February 2011

Random makes

Today i'm sat feeling sorry for myself having had my wisdom tooth removed yesterday i'm now left with 5 stitches and a very tender mouth :-(.  Anyway its a good excuse to get cosy and catch up on the blogs i follow so i'm not complaining too much!.  I haven't done any crafting for a few days but i did do a couple of projects last week that i didn't get chance to share with you.  The first one is a cute little tooth fairy pouch to hang at the end of your childs bed or on their door.  Lili recently lost her first baby tooth and i nearly woke her trying to find it under the pillow!!.  I thought this makes it a bit easier..

 I used a wooden bookmark and then folded a piece of felt around the bottom glued it to the back and then sewed down each side to create the pouch.   

 Remember these dull chalkboards i bought?  Last week i showed you the girls chalkboard i made.  This week is the boys version

handmade projects


  1. Did the tooth fairy visit you as well? Should get a lot of wisdom teeth!!!

  2. I've never had any wisdom teeth which probably accounts for a lot.

  3. my daughter just had hers removed and she was sore for a day or so after as well hope you feel better soon love your tooth fairy craft

  4. You poor thing, hope it eases soon.
    Your tooth fairy idea is great!
    Kandi x

  5. Really cute projects. Love the boys version of the chalkboard! LOL

  6. The chalkboard to too cute! Did you get to use the tooth fairy pouch for your tooth? I hope it heals quickly. I know just how tender it can be!