Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Easter bunny tin can

After doing my first Easter project yesterday I have got the bug. Now I know its Mothers Day before Easter and I will get on to posting some gift ideas for that but for now its all about Easter. Over the last week I have seen a few Easter projects that have involved making a rabbit out of a toilet roll tube and that got me thinking… You know how I have a bit of an obsession with tin cans well I thought an Easter bunny gift can made using an empty tin might be quite sweet. Here’s how it turned out…

Here ‘s how to make one.

1. Cut a piece of scrapbook paper to fit round your tin. You can use a piece of string or tape measure to measure round the top of the tin and a ruler to measure the length.

2. Using double sided sticky tape stick the paper round the tin.

3. Fold a piece of the same paper in half and cut out a long ear shape. Unfold and you will have two ears the same.

4. Do the same with a white sheet of paper and cut a small ear shape. Stick the white inner ears on top of the larger ears.

5. Stick ears on top of the tin

6. Using yellow card or paper cut out the cheeks shape (see mine) and then draw 3 black lines on each side for whiskers

7. cut out a triangular nose from scraps and 2 long white teeth. Stick these to the cheeks

8. Glue centre of cheeks onto tin can and then draw two black circles as eyes

9. I then added 4 flowers as embellishments around the top but its up to you. You could add a bow or some ribbon or just leave it without any added embellishments.

10. Add tissue paper inside the tin and fill with sweets,chocolates etc.
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  1. Oh my freaking gosh! This is sooo stinkin adorable! I LOVE it!

  2. Wow Tina :) what a lovely idea to use a tin, more sweets lol. Love Love Love your makes :)

  3. So cute! A new use for my tin can collection.

  4. that is really cute! But I have a question. Mother's Day is after Easter isn't it? Or am I just misunderstanding what you are saying. (which is entirely possible)

    Thanks for the cute idea

  5. He's very cute! Great idea! Thanks for linking up! :)

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    Thanks and have a great day!

  7. I love recycled crafts. That bunny is adorable & very creative! Thanks for linking up with Fun for Kids Friday!