Tuesday, 1 March 2011

telephone stand revamp

I'm not really one for taking on big projects that take awhile as i like to be able to start and finish things in near enough one go without having to keep going back. So when i decided that the really old pine telephone stand in our hall needed a revamp i had obviously fooled myself in to thinking it wouldn't take long. A bit of a sand down and a couple of coats of paint right? - oh no soo wrong!!.  Try about 20 coats of paint and a lot of sanding and your a bit closer!.  Anyway it started out like this - urgggh...

 It was worth it in the end though.  Heres what it looks like now and you will have to ignore the wires.  We have an ongoing problem with our broadband connection and everytime you put the connection socket box cover back on it doesn't work.  Hopefully this week it will be fixed and all the cables will be tidied away nicely.

 I used a funky piece of scrapbook paper to brighten up the top of it and used several coats of mod podge to protect it.  the picture above the telephone stand was a bargain i picked up in a charity shop last week for £2!

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  1. Isn't it always the way when you want to get things done quickly, it looks great so well worth the time I would say.

  2. Oh no I have a smiliar project waiting in the wings, I was hoping it would only take a lick of paint!! I love the patterned paper on the top x

  3. It is so nice when you can freshen up old furniture, the telephone stand looks great now :)
    Sue x

  4. I love the scrap book paper on top!

  5. Huge transformation! Love the after look!